Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Unrefined" works for me

For maybe the first time ever in "Bachelor/Bachelorette" history there were two good choices in the finale.  Ali didn't have it easy, weeding through some of the weird and obnoxious guys in her pool of candidates. Although, I think DeAnna had it worse (hello foot fetish guy!).  Ali, for as dull as she seemed on screen (I wouldn't be any more interesting), had two winners to choose from Monday night -- smokin' hot Roberto and sweet, handsome Chris.

Ultimately, I think she chose correctly by going with Roberto.  The chemistry was always there between them, and I just think it felt more natural for her with him.  I probably would have gone with Chris.  I liked the slower, friends-first pace she and Chris had going.  I know I denounced thoughts of dating or getting married less than a week ago, but if Chris showed up in my office, I would let him take me to the local hot dog/sno cone stand.  I'd let him do most of the talking though, as his voice was enough to melt me on TV. 

Wait...what...I'm forever single...I'm not supposed to melt.

Anyway, I was discussing the "Bachelorette" finale with a co-worker today.  She thought Ali chose correctly as well.  Her reason for this opinion was different than mine however. She thought Roberto seemed more "refined and intelligent."  My co-worker actually said, "I know Chris is educated, but he just talks like...well..a landscaper." 

What? What's wrong with a landscaper?  Hasn't she ever seen "Something New"?  (Hello Simon Baker!)  I'm sure she hasn't.  I mean, it's a movie about an interracial relationship, and she's kind of old school, so it might not appeal to her. 

But back to Chris.  Even if he is "just a landscaper," I never saw a distinct difference in the way he and Roberto talked to Ali.  I thought Chris was a bit more reserved, but the guy is less than two years out from watching his mother slowly die.  That would mess with anyone.  And, as everyone was saying in the end, it was really brave of him to go on this show and put himself out there.  "Just a landscaper."  Ugh.  What does my co-worker know anyway?


In other news, my college has advertised that they have collegiate license plates available. 

I am so so so excited.  My dad must be too, because he already asked my mom what I would put on a vanity/personalized license plate.  I have thought a lot about this over the past few years, but never had something I wanted to commit to.  Here are a few ideas I have for now...tell me your favorite  ---

BSBLFAN  -- This is "baseball fan" by the way, but I am slightly concerned motorists will confuse me for a Backstreet Boys fanatic.  And I am the polar opposite.

CYBEAV  --  This was my mom's suggestion.  It would cover my adopted Division I college (Iowa State Cyclones) and my alma mater (Buena Vista Beavers).

BVRTRN  --  My bestie suggested this one.  It stands for "beaver train," which is the cheer every freshman learns at orientation. I unsuccessfully tried to find a youtube video of this cheer (fearing what would come up when I searched for "beaver train"). edit:  Jamie to the rescue.  There is a youtube of the Beaver Train.  It's at about the 35 second mark of this vid.

RNGRFAN  -- Ranger fan.  Enough said.

CHAPMIC  -- This was the login name assigned to me in college. Everyone got the first four letters of last name, first three letters of first name tag. (Feel free to laugh at my friend, Brandon Burns, whose login was "burnbra.")  Since this license plate would boast my college colors and logo, this might be the most appropriate choice. 

Votes?  Anyone?  Bueller?


  1. I agree about the Bachelorette!! Rangers fan plate!! And I'm a BSB girl so hehe. But they performed at my middle school when I was in 6th grade. Hormonal years. I have an excuse!

  2. This is so funny because every Tuesday my boss and I talk about the Bachelorette (we are both equally obsessed) and she thought the same thing about Chris... "just a landscaper". I don't get it either, I thought a landscaper was an alright career? He used to be a high school teacher before he moved back to take care of his Mom, so there! I think I would have picked Roberto too, though. Ali reminds me a lot of myself (and no I don't think that about all the bachelorette's!) and I think Chris would have bored me eventually. Besides, Roberto is one fine piece of ass!!


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