Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 28

I am about seven hours away from 24 hours of total freedom.  OK, so I plan to get a run in during that time and Skype with one of my best friends, but ... it's 24 hours without work.  And honestly, the end of that 24 hours is a staff meeting at my brewery job, which basically means just listening and talking while drinking a beer.  I can handle that.  After 20 consecutive days of working, that will be a piece of cake.

Christy at Planes, Trains and Running Shoes wrote about how she would change Major League Baseball.  I don't disagree with all of her ideas.

Here are two more gems from Rena that really resonated with me this week as I've been feeling very contemplative and analyzing my life.  Expectations are what lead to the majority of my disappointment -- in things, people, and situations.  I need to learn to temper them a little more. I am also guilty of being my own worst critic.

I'm currently experiencing the second wave of marriage for a lot of my friends. Not that they're getting married a second time (though some are), but the "late bloomers" are making their way down the aisle. Registering for gifts is always tricky for these folks because there are a lot of things they don't really need. Nadine at East & is apparently feeling a little of this too in her post, "10 Things I'd Like to Register For But Won't." Hey, I'd use a toilet paper subscription service way more often than a fancy dining set.

If you need a laugh, please go check out "Your Most Embarrassing Confessions" at The Daily Tay. She encouraged people to share their mortifying moments anonymously, so the comments are as gold as the main post. Enjoy!

So, this wasn't in my blog reader, and I posted about it Tuesday, but in case you missed it, please read "How to Love a Girl Who's Guarded" on Thought Catalog. It sums me up so well.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Letting go of perfection

I can kind of be an all or nothing kind of girl when it comes to my eating and workouts.  

If I overindulge one day, I tend to give up on tracking and eating right until the next new week begins.

If I choose to sleep in one day instead of hitting the gym, I will make the same choice for the rest of the week.

This is a terrible approach to reaching my goals.  I know that intuitively, but for some reason, I haven't fixed it yet.  

I mean, one of the reasons I went back to Weight Watchers is because I could have one bad day and still stay on track for the week.

And I know how much I love my morning workouts and getting them done for the day, so even if I do sleep in once, I don't need to keep doing it.

i guess what I need to do is let go of this idea that I'm going to be perfect.  Because I'm not going to be.  There are going to be evenings out with friends when I can't resist ordering dessert.  That doesn't mean I have to eat poorly for three to five more days.  And there are going to be occasional mornings when another hour of sleep sounds better than a workout, but they don't have to derail me for the whole week.

That's easier said than accepted though.

Maybe I need a new quote to go up on my workout motivation board that will help me get over this and keep moving even after a setback.

Any suggestions?


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill
Tuesday: 2 miles on the treadmill
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off

This week didn't go as planned.  I think my busy schedule has been catching up with me, making it harder to get up in the mornings. And I had full intentions of a workout Thursday evening but then I got called in to work, so that didn't happen. But at least I got some workouts in.  Next week will be better.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stuff & Things 4/23

::  I have seen a few people post about this High Brew Cold-Brew Coffee and decided I should check it out.  Oh my.  I'm in love.  I tried the Mexican Vanilla and the Salted Caramel varieties and the former is my favorite so far.

::  I'm getting some new ink done tomorrow ... and I have no idea what it's going to look like.  I'm not really that worried though.  A friend of my brother's is working on a concept piece for me, and I'm really excited to see what he's come up with. I already have three tattoos.

::  I made a bold move last week.  I initiated conversation with someone in whom I was interested and even suggested getting together. It didn't pay off.  It's not the first time this has happened, nor will it likely be the last. It never gets easier to handle rejection, but I'm still proud of myself for at least stepping out of my comfort zone a little.

::  Today is day 18 of 20 days of consecutive work days.  I might survive.  My brewery shift ends at 7 p.m. on Saturday and I'm free until 7 p.m. on Sunday when I have a brewery staff meeting.  I'm sad I don't have a completely free day, but ... I had to know this would happen eventually when I signed on for three jobs, right?  After that my next full day off is Sunday, May 10.  Yay?

:: I spent two of my lunch hours this week shopping for jeans. This task is the second worst thing only (after bathing suit shopping).  As someone who's short and curvy, jeans can be impossible to find, but I ended up buying two pairs, so I guess I did OK.

::  "Lip Sync Battle" is my new favorite thing. I don't have cable, but they put the song battles on YouTube.  That's the best part (the smack talk is fun too, I'm sure), so I don't really feel like I'm missing much.  Here's my favorite from last week -- John Krasinski vs. Anna Kendrick. I mean, John did an 'N Sync classic and then Anna showed him up with a special message. So funny!

What's up with you this week?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I am a guarded girl

I'm one of millions who follow Thought Catalog on Twitter. I click on several of their articles.  Sometimes they're funny. Sometimes they're sad.  Sometimes I don't understand them.  Sometimes I understand them too well.

On Sunday night, I clicked on "How to Love a Girl Who's Guarded" and it absolutely gutted me. It's like someone took the thoughts out of my head and put them on the Internet.
“Guarded” won’t be the word that comes to mind. You’ll think she’s independent and confident. Driven and seemingly content. She’s never seeking anything from you, never leaning in to the hint or the whisper. She seems as though she lives a big life, and it’s in that paradox that she’s most closed. She’s filled all the little spaces with something, something else.
I am that girl. People often ask why I have three jobs (besides the fact that I enjoy them) and am so busy all the time.  Maybe this is why.  I've created a big life, filled it with things that bring me joy. But I haven't always been this way.

Once upon a time she fell in love the way thousands and millions of people do every day and hour and in the last three seconds while you were reading this. But it wasn’t the falling in love, or the breaking up that ultimately broke her. ... She loved so maddeningly she let it burn through her and realized she was left with nothing.
I used to wear my heart on my sleeve and give it away very freely -- in friendships as well as romantic pursuits.  The last few years have changed that about me.  I have a lot more walls up.

It’s not that she doesn’t believe in love, she just doesn’t trust it.
Exactly. I'm still a girl who believes in love and wants it, but I don't quite trust it. I don't quite trust other people always say what they mean or mean what they say.  I don't trust that love happens for everyone (because it might not).  I don't trust that people won't leave me.

She isn’t bitter, she just knows better. She isn’t cynical, she’s realistic. And until she knows another reality, one where people’s intentions aren’t crapshoots and promises keep on emptying out until they’re just lies… she’ll continue to be reserved. ...
These are the ragged edges of a strong woman.

It's so reassuring to read something like that.  Something that makes me feel not so alone and doesn't label me as cynical and pessimistic. Something that doesn't make me seem weak or unlovable.

Because even though I'm guarded, I am none of those other things.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Music Monday: Matt Hires & My Red + Blue

Musical Mondays at My So-Called Chaos></a>
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A few years ago (though I don't remember exactly when), an artist kept popping up on my Pandora mix and I grew to love it.  I had never heard of Matt Hires, but I was instantly drawn to his voice.  I wanted to see him live so badly, but we'd had several near-misses in the last year -- meaning he would come to my area and I was working or out of town.  Ugh.  So annoying.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know the wait finally ended on Saturday night, when he played a show in Ames, so after my shift at the brewery and a stop off at a friend's party, I made the short drive. The show was on a university campus, so I figured I'd be the oldest person there (I was), and it made for a long day, but I couldn't pass up the chance to go to one of my happy places (a night spent lost in live music). I still have a bit of that post-concert rush. I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon.

A photo posted by @thebestmicah on

Matt Hires was absolutely worth the long wait and the long day. His voice sounded even better live, and though I was familiar with his catalog of work, the songs sounded different in person. More poignant, maybe.  Here's a song he wrote to benefit the Ronald McDonald House charity. 

So many feels.

As a bonus, My Red + Blue opened Saturday's show. He's another artist I discovered by accident when he opened for Matt Wertz last year.  It was love at first listen.  The entire EP he has out is wonderful, but this song has really struck me lately.

I can't wait for more new music from him. He sang a few new ones Saturday night, including one about a girl with green eyes.  As a green-eyed girl, I pretty much collect those songs.  Love.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 27

This post is going up a little later than I planned because I had a one track mind this morning -- concert tickets.  Specifically, The Fray and Andy Grammer concert tickets.  I've been wanting to see Andy for years but the times he came close, the show was either "contest winner only" or didn't fit in my schedule.  Finally, I will see him this August.  From the fourth row.  I am beyond excited.

Feel free to listen to this song (one of my favorites on his newest album) before or while you read the links below:

And ... on to this week's favorite posts.

Earlier this week, I linked up with a bunch of fabulous bloggers for posts on happiness. They were all fantastic write-ups, but Gabrielle's was the one that struck me the most.  It's about how to find happiness at any turn, even when it doesn't seem like there's much to be happy about. If you're not following her blog, you should.  She speaks candidly about her past battles with drug addiction (something I think is grossly misunderstood in our society) as well as her journey to living a better life and helping others do the same.

Kati Rose proved once again this week that she might be one of my blogger doppelgangers. I relate so much to the things she posts.  "Feeling That Funk" definitely struck a chord with me.  I've been dealing with a lot of those same emotions and thoughts lately.

It's perfect that the next one is the latest from Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit.  It's titled, "This One's For the Control Freaks."  She pretty much nailed how I feel much of the time, and clearly I'm not alone based on her words, the comments, and the number of likes when I shared this on Facebook.

I'm very guilty of counting my flaws. And I've been doing a lot of that lately.  The Frenemy totally gets this.  I feel like I need to print out these words from her post and tack them up everywhere -- "I am not perfect. I am in a slump. I feel bad today, and it is okay." In a slump isn't bad.  Flaws aren't all bad.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Beaverdale 5K recap

Last week was a really rainy one. The gloomy weather made me sleepy and a bit unmotivated.  I prayed it would clear out in time for my race on Saturday --- my third of the year and second outdoor of the year.

My prayers were answered.  Saturday morning was crisp and clear.  I woke up around 6:30 a.m., which is slightly later than I get up during the week but still earlier than I'm used to waking up on weekends. After my traditional race day breakfast of peanut butter toast and water (I'm all out of Spark at the moment), I made the short drive to the race site.

The temperature was a bit more brisk than I was prepared for at 39 degrees.  Brrr.  Someday I'll learn that I want gloves for races that start at that temperature.  But that someday hasn't happened yet.  I shuffled my feet and kept stretching while I waited for the race to start, trying to stay warm.

I also chatted ... of course.  I'm one of those runners.  I like to talk to the person next to me.  The weather and/or race set-up is the first natural bit of conversation, but it usually morphs into discussion on their running journey and history.  This happens every race, I swear.

Last Saturday was no exception.  My neighbor and I were casually chatting about the cool temperatures and how often we do races.  I learned she had a hysterectomy in October, which meant she was sidelined for several weeks.  And then it was winter, which meant she really didn't get outdoors and active again until February (fortunately we had a fairly mild one).  This was her first race since her surgery and she shared with me that she might not be able to run the whole thing.  But ... she was out there.  Less than six months after a major surgery.  Oh, and she also works full-time, has two children, and only took up running a year ago.

Talk about being humbled. I put off workouts all the time because I'm tired or think I'm too busy. Next time I have that thought, I'm going to remember that woman. NO EXCUSES.

This race was the smallest one I've ever been a part of.  As of Friday, there were less than 150 people registered.  Naturally, there were probably some people who showed up the day of and signed up, but it was still a pretty minimal group.  This made me a little self-conscious.  I'm not fast, and when there are hundreds of runners, I usually still end up in the middle of the pack.  I worried I might be further to the back with such a small group.  It was a silly worry, but still ... it was there.

We got started shortly after 8 a.m. The route wound through Beaverdale, which is a really cute area of Des Moines. The houses range from ranch to bungalow to (my favorite) craftsman.  The streets were quiet except for the occasional resident out walking with a stroller or a dog.  My legs were kind of cold, so I started off at a slow but even pace, which I kept for the first two miles or so.  Around the 2.5-mile mark, a girl came up beside me.  I remembered her from earlier in the race, and she seemed to be holding a good pace (if a little faster than mine), so I did my best to stay with her.  We chatted idly between our huffs and puffs.  When we turned the corner and saw the finish line, she started going faster.  So I did too.  We crossed that finish mat together and she gave me a high five.

My finish time benchmarks:
Good - 36:00 or above
Great - 34:01-35:59
Awesome - 34:00 or faster

My official time was 34:24!

This means it was GREAT race and just a few seconds away from being AWESOME.  I have another 5K (a virtual one) in a few weeks, so I'll be aiming for AWESOME on that one. Plus, my personal best in a 5K is just over 33 minutes (I haven't kept very good track of my times, but I'm changing that), so I'd be fun to beat that.

Also, I was curious about my pace for each mile, so I looked at MapMyRun to check out the splits from my watch. Unsurprisingly, the first mile was my slowest.  That is always the case for me.  I really don't get moving until mile 2.  But look at that last mile -- all because of my finishing buddy!

As a music lover, my running playlists are very thoughtfully made. I thought I'd start sharing the song or songs for each race that really get me moving.  

These were my power songs:
"Overcome" by Tyrone Wells
"Afterlife" by Ingrid Michaelson
"Sweat It Out" by Tony Lucca  (This was actually my finish line song. So perfect!)

I've now completed three races toward my goal of 10 for the year. 


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday: Beaverdale 5K
Sunday: Off
Monday: Spinning + chest/back/core
Tuesday: 2-mile outdoor run
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 3 miles on the trails

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Finding the middle

Lately I've been feeling a bit restless.  And reflective.  Do those two things even go together?  I suppose they can.  When I'm feeling out of sorts, I try to think it through, trying to make sense of it all. This usually ends on me looking back to determine what lead to this feeling.

Anyhow, lately I'm feeling like I'm torn between wanting something too much and giving up on it completely.  Like I have to choose one or the other.

I worry that if I declare too loudly that I want something, the universe will keep it out of reach.  But if I try to adopt the attitude that I don't want it, it'll elude me even more.

I don't need to have everything I want. Honestly.  I'm not delusional or full of entitlement. I know no one truly has it all.

And while I have a lot of good, I still want more.  But I'm afraid to admit that. Afraid of sounding ungrateful, desperate, or just plain whiny. And I don't want feedback from people who only tell me why I can't have it or won't have it.

So I keep it all to myself.

But I don't want to quit wanting, dreaming, and expecting.  I don't think that's healthy.

I want to find contentment without complacency.

I want to get to a place where I realize it's OK to admit when I want something. A place where I accept life but recognize areas that can be better ... and don't feel bad about that realization. I don't want to feel bad for wanting things.

I need to find that middle ground.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get there.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What I'm loving Wednesday 4/15

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving ...

... Bolthouse Farms watermelon mint lemonade. It tastes like all the best parts of summer.

... that I got to see this guy last weekend. His voice is one of my favorite sounds, and it was a good way to end a busy Saturday.  He's heading out on a mini tour the next few weeks, so go see him if you get a chance!

... running outside.  There's really nothing like it!

... "Two Night Stand."  Several recommended it to me after I confessed my adoration of Miles Teller. It's such a cute little romantic comedy.  Miles' character is charming, witty, awkward, and everything else that is my type. The dialogue is funny and realistic. It could become one of my go-to favorites.

... all the friend time I've enjoyed lately. Movie night, spontaneous Thai lunch, book club, etc.  I tend to crave alone time, but my friends make it hard to say "no" to gatherings with them.

... the Instagram feed for Hot Dudes Reading. It's exactly what it sounds like, and it should be no surprise that I love it. I need more good looking guys reading books in my life.

... my dad, who has a birthday today!  He's a goofball sometimes, but he's always been there for me.  I can't wait to see him this weekend.

What are you loving today?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happiness is ...

... a day off with no obligations to anyone or anywhere.

... a new album from one of my favorite musicians.

... tasty beers with good friends on a patio in 70-degree weather.

... sitting in a ballpark, escaping reality for nine innings (or more?).

... a win by one of my favorite sports teams, especially if it's a critical game or against one of the rival teams.

... getting lost in live music for a few hours.

... fresh flowers. Even better if they're a gift from someone.

... reading an entire book in one sitting.

.... a purring cat (or two) on my lap.

... dark roast coffee with the perfect amount of cream and cinnamon added.

... delicious food and thoughtful conversation with someone who both listens and offers valuable insights.

... a hug (or several) from someone I admire and adore. 


As I’ve mentioned before, I am part of a little online blogging group where bloggers share advice, get feedback, and support each other. Once a month, we all write a post on the same topic. Below you’ll find links to all of the wonderful ladies in the group so that you can read about what happiness means to them, too. I highly encourage you to check them out- you might find some new favorite blogs!

Sarah Hartley
Slice of Heaven
It's Me, Kelly
Gabrielle Bogan
Glamorous Hustle
Chaotic & Collected
Deanna R Jordan
More Than Love


What does happiness look like for you?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Music Monday: John Mayer & Ed Sheeran

I'm a pretty big John Mayer fan (I've seen him live 12 times), but I failed when I missed his guest hosting stint on "The Late Late Show."  It also means I missed this gem.

Oh my goodness.

(P.S. I cannot wait to hear "Don't" live this summer.)

Oh, and as a bonus, here's "Thinking Out Loud" with both of them. 


I'm a fan of this musical bromance.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let's Talk About Beer: Key words and phrases

Beer has a language all it's own.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing.  Here's a handy guide of some of the most common words/phrases/terms used when people are discussing beer.

 Craft beer key words and phrases

ABV:  Alcohol by volume.

Ale: There are actually only two kinds of beer --- ales and lagers. Ales are brewed with malted barley using a warm fermentation with a strain of brewers' yeast. Because ale yeasts ferment more quickly, they usually have a sweeter, full-bodied, and fruity taste. Most ales contain hops.

Amber: Refers to copper-colored ales (reddish-brown) that have a moderate to heavy body.

Hops: The female flower from the hop plant, used to provide flavor and stability in beer. There are many different kinds of hops. The top ten used by craft brewers in America are Cascade, Centennial, Willmette, Chinook, Amarillo, East Kent Goldings, Saaz, Golding, Columbus CTZ, and Syrian Golding.

IBU:  The quality of beer is assessed by its color, its strength, and its bitterness. The bitterness of beer is measured by the International Bitterness Unit (IBU) scale.  Yes, that's a real thing, and serious beer drinkers take it very seriously. I've never seen a beer over 100 points, but the interwebs tell me they exist.

IPA:  A hoppy beer within the pale ale family.

Lager: Fermented at cool temperatures. Bock, pilsner, and marzen are all types of lagers.

Malts:  They provide the fermentable sugar that make beer and make them sweet. There are many kinds of malts, including base malts, caramel malts, dark malts, light malts, roasted malts, corn, grits, malt extracts, oats, refined starches, rice, syrups, sugars, unmalted barley, and wheat. The Beer Advocate has a great guide to all of these.

Porter: A dark style of beer made with brown malts.  Although they are actually in the stout family, they are usually not as heavy in mouth feel as stouts.

Saison: A beer that is generally around 7% ABV, highly carbonated, fruity, and spicy.

Stout: A dark beer made with roasted malt or barley as well as hops, water, and yeast.  There are several types of stouts, including dry or Irish stout (think Guinness), Imperial stout (higher alcohol), milk stout (contains lactose), oatmeal stout (made with oats), chocolate stout (has a noticeable dark chocolate flavor), coffee stout (the coffee flavor usually comes from a type of malt used, but some brewers will add ground coffee), oyster stout (made with oysters), porter, and baltic porter.

I'm sure I missed some, but I really wanted to keep this as simple as possible.  As always, if you have a question about beer or craft beer, feel free to ask.


Sip on this
Warmer weather is on the way (or maybe already arrived, depending on where you live). 
This is the time of year I'm most drawn to IPAs and beers with fruity tones.

Blushing Monk (9.2% ABV)
Founders Brewing / Grand Rapids, MI
This beer is crisp, fruity, and only slightly tart. According to the brewery web site, it is brewed with "a ridiculous amount of raspberries." It's so tasty. If it weren't for the high alcohol content, I could drink this all day.
Beer Advocate score = 94 (outstanding)
Untapped rating = 4 stars (out of 5)

Fresh Squeezed IPA (6% ABV)
Deschutes Brewery / Bend, OR
I know, I know, it's an IPA.  But it's a super approachable IPA, so if you're curious but slightly afraid of hops, give this one a try. There's no fruit in the beer, but the citra and mosaic hops will provide a slight tangerine flavor.
Beer Advocate score = 94 (outstanding)
Untapped rating = 4 stars (out of 5)


Next month, I'll show you how homebrewing works.  Some friends and I are making our first collaborative batch this week, which I will attempt to document.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 26

Today is a busy one for me.  I'm running a 5K this morning, slinging suds at the brewery this afternoon, and taking in my 24th Tim Stop show tonight.  So, clearly it's a packed day, but it's a lot of my favorite things, so I really don't mind.

Maybe you have more downtime today.  If so, I encourage you to check out these posts from the past week.

Angie at My So-Called Chaos is starting a new series on basic coding for bloggers. I've gotten better over the years, but I still feel like a complete dummy when it comes to HTML.  I'm hoping I can learn a few things from Angie's series. Earlier in the week, she also nailed why some bridges need to be burned. YES.  It's not always easy, but some people need to leave our lives on all levels.

I love Instagram, and sometimes I wish I had the photos in another form. The Surznick Common Room offers a few ideas for bringing those Insta-favorites out of your phone and into your home. I especially like the book idea. I might look into that next year.

I am completely guilty of always being busy (read the opening paragraph of this post). Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit talked about how preoccupation with always being busy or needing to be busy isn't such a good thing.  Notes taken.  I'm going to start looking for times when I can just sit and be.

Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars automatically got included in this round-up because she wrote about Texas Rangers apparel and attending Opening Day at Rangers Ballpark.  I basically want everything pictured on her post, and I hope she writes about experiencing her first Opening Day. I've been to two, and it's such a fun time.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2015

I went back to Weight Watchers

About five years ago, I looked at photos of myself and didn't like what I saw.  Sure, I looked at myself in the mirror every day, but there's something about seeing photos that kind of hit me harder.  

I needed to make some changes.  

I started by being more active.  And while I found workouts I enjoyed and was fairly consistent with them, I knew there was more to it.

My eating habits.

I like food. I like beer. I like both of them a lot.  And I don't like limiting myself or cutting out specific things.

So I tried Weight Watchers, and it worked.  It absolutely worked.

I went from my heaviest weight to a size where I felt comfortable in my skin. I lost 30 lbs. in two years.  I was actually five pounds away from my goal weight, and I thought I could continue on my own without Weight Watchers. I felt like I had the concept down and I could handle it without paying the monthly fee. 

I was wrong.

Since the fall of 2012, I've slowly gained back almost every pound I lost in those two years.  I'm still very active (as you know if you follow along here), but my eating habits ... well, they need some work, and that's putting it nicely.

I tried other tracking apps (My Fitness Pal, Fitbit, etc.), but they all count calories.  That doesn't work for me.  I would feel bad about myself if I went over my daily calorie allotment and that would spiral into several days of bad eating.  It made me obsessive about the calories in everything.  I just didn't like it.

Then I remembered Weight Watchers and how well it had worked for me.  

Here are the reasons I like Weight Watchers:

- The app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

- I have a daily point allowance and weekly points. I can also earn more points through activity.  Now, I don't plan to eat all those activity points, but I've found I have the most success when I eat my weekly extras. 
- Nothing is off-limits.  I can have a beer with dinner, but I have to balance it out during the day.  I can have a cupcake even if it means going over my daily points because I still have those weekly points.
- By my best understanding, points are calculated by evaluating the calories, fat, fiber, etc. as well as nutritional value. That's why many fruits and vegetables are considered to be zero points. If I'm still hungry at the end of the day, but have used all my points, it's nice to be able to reach for an apple or some carrots and not feel bad. I'd be dinged for calories on any other system.  Also, I like to end each meal with something sweet -- an apple is 0 points and 95 calories. A cookie would be roughly 3 points and 130 calories. Weight Watchers encourages me to choose more wisely because it's a freebie.  (Although I'd probably choose the cookie now and then.)

So I signed up again.  For the first few weeks, I was terrible about tracking.  And when I'm not tracking, I'm not thinking about my choices.  I'm not making balanced choices.  The last two weeks have been much better, and I've already lost two pounds.  I know that's not much, but it's a definite improvement from where I was headed.  

Here's a pretty good depiction of where I'm at now:
Right after my half-marathon last October.

Here's where I'm aiming for:
This is from Sept. 2012, right before I went through layoffs in the span of seven months.
I've got work to do ... but I know I can do it.


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday: 3 miles on the trail
Sunday: Off
Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: 3-mile run on the treadmill + core
Wednesday: 1-mile jog on the treadmill + arms/shoulders/back + 2-mile walk during lunch
Thursday: 2-mile run on the treadmill + 2-mile walk during lunch

I'd say this was a pretty successful workout week. Tomorrow is my third race of the year -- a 5K! I'm really looking forward to it.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stuff & Things 4/9

Find the link-up HERE.

:: I've been wanting some good shoes for walking and my brewery shifts, so I bought Skechers GoWalks last week. It feels like walking on clouds.  They're fantastic! Also, they were on sale and I had a 30 percent of coupon, so I got a great deal.

:: I may have over-committed myself this Saturday. I'm running a 5K in the morning, working six hours at the brewery in the afternoon, and going to a Tim Stop show in the evening.  Whew.  Sunday will definitely need to be a day of rest.

:: HBO Now showed up on my AppleTV menu the other night. I got pretty excited. That might be how I fill my Sunday.

:: I only have two free Friday nights in the next six. That's insane, right? How dare I call myself an introvert.

:: I first tried Thai food a few months ago and now I crave it every week. Avocado curry with chicken is currently calling my name.

:: During recent talks about boys with friends, I realize I really miss having a crush.  I know that term sounds juvenile, but there's really no better way to describe someone you admire but aren't actively pursuing, is there?  Anyhow ... I definitely miss it.  Learning things about them and that giddy feeling. It could be distracting sometimes, but it kept the days interesting.

:: For the last three weeks, I've basically only listened to the latest Andy Grammer and Tyrone Wells albums.  I cannot get enough of them. Will Hoge and Delta Rae released new albums recently and I need to buy them, but for now I'm preoccupied with Andy and Tyrone. 

:: After last week's post about trust and weirdness, I'm trying to be a little more open and genuine with some people who have earned the right to know the real me. So far, no one has run off screaming, but we'll see.

What's up with you this week?

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