Monday, September 20, 2010

Music Monday: "Alabama" by Cross Canadian Ragweed

My Rangers are on the verge of clinching the American League West division title.  It's been a very special season, indeed, and throughout this tumultuous ride, I've often thought of the person who helped me become the Rangers fan I am today -- Amy Walker.

Without Amy, I might not have learned about the game of baseball, and I certainly wouldn't have attended those 30-plus games in 2005 that led to my current love affair with the game and this amazing team.  She wouldn't even recognize this team now --- with the exception of Michael Young, Frank Francisco, Scott Feldman and C.J. Wilson, everyone else is new. Well, she'd probably remember Colby Lewis too...she was a Rangers fan her entire life.  But I know she would love this team, and she'd be thrilled to see Nolan Ryan involved with them again.  Although I have no idea who her favorite would be.  David Dellucci is long gone from the roster and (I think) the game of baseball.  Angie, Candace, Brianna, Billi, Sharon...if you're reading this, who do you think she'd enjoy watching these days?

On the way home from each game we attended that memorable summer, we would listen to this song.  I have no idea why.  It has nothing to do with baseball or the Rangers, but it was our staple.  So, I thought I'd break it out today.

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