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Excerpts from my teenage diary - part 2

More goodness from my teenage mind.

May 18, 1993
We had a vocal concert tonight. The 7th grade sang "Old Joe Clark" together. Some people were in small groups too. Here they are:  "Beauty and the Beast" - Brooke, Wendy and Me; "Return to Sender" - Ryan G. and Lauren; "At the Hop" - Eli, Ryan G., Lauren, Amy S. and Tina. While we were singing, I kept looking at [insert crush's name] usually he was looking at me too but when he noticed I was looking at him he looked away. Maybe he likes me, I don't know.
I'm telling most of my friends tha tI don't like him anymore, and I tried not to but it's hreally hard for me to do! So I really do like him. I just can't get over him. He's too cute! Hopefully he'll go to the dance this Friday and will dance with me. But I doubt it. What boy would want to dance with me?!? I'm much too ugly!

May 21, 1993
The dance was tonight. [insert name of crush] wouldn't dance with me but he danced with [insert girl's name]. She likes him too, but I don't care, she likes a lot of boys. I had someone ask him but he wouldn't! That made me so mad. I actually hated him for awhile but I saw him again and I [heart] him again. [insert friend's name] got mad at [boy's name] because he didn't come. She really does like him. Maybe I'll call him tomorrow. I know! I'll tell him why [insert friend's name] got mad at me one day and maybe he'll pass it on to [crush's name]. Hopefully!!!!!! I really do love [crush's name]. I get really shy around him and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth and I get butterflies in my stomach and somewhere in my brain goes, "oh baby" when I see him. He's so cute!

May 23, 1993
I looked at the page in my scrapbook about [crush's name] today. I have a picture in there and I just about went crazy! He's so cute. [girl's name] likes him too, she has a better chance of going with him though. She's much more pretty and popular than me. Almost anybody's prettier and more popular than me. I'm ugly and unpopular. Totally opposite from [girl's name].

June 3, 1993
Today was the last day of school, which meant three things. 1 - It's the last day I'll be with [friend's name]. 2 - Lip sync contest. Wendy, Brooke, Erica and I did "Breaking Up is Hard to Do." 3 - It'll be awhiel before I see [crush's name] again.

June 18, 1993
We have water in the basement. But they're going to clean out the tile that's causing the problem then Mom is going to hire Service Master to suck up the water. For 4th of July here in Garden City, here's the schedule -- Saturday morning: Riley ride through Garden City; Saturday night: karaoke in the comm. bldg.; Sunday: annual supper and fireworks! It will be fun. [friend's name] is coming. Hopefully [crush's name] will come too. Maybe he and [boy's name] will come together. If they do, [friend's name] and I will spend most of the time following them around because [friend's name] kind of likes [boy's name] and I definitely like [crush's name]. In fact, I love him.

June 21, 1993
Today was the first day of summer!  I don't have much to write about tonight because today was very boring. [friend's name] called me tonight and she'd talked to [crush's mom] and seen [crush's name]. I wish I could see him. I haven't seen him in over a week! I've gone completely crazy! Sometime I'll write him a note and give it to [friend's name] to give to him. I don't know what I'll write, but I kind of have an idea.

July 22, 1993
Today, I went to my cousin's house. I'll be going home on Tuesday. I can't wait to find out who's in my class. The street signs I'm making are almost done.

July 27, 1993
We came home today. I'm glad because I missed a lot of things around here. Tomorrow, my cousin and his friend are coming for supper. Also, tomorrow, I get my braces. I talked to both [two friends' names]  today. I didn't realize how much I'd missed my friends. I'm hoping I'll be able to have [friend's name] over before the summer ends. I hope she and [crush's name] are in my class.

September 15, 1993
I haven't written in this in a long time! [friend's name] is in my class this year and I'm glad. I don't know what I'd do without her. [crush's name] isn't anyhow. But again I'm glad because I'd always be staring and would make a fool of myself. He sits behind me in band again. I can't even look at him in regular band but I can in jazz band. In volleyball, we lost to BCL-UW but beat E-NP, our biggest rivals. The boys beat E-NP in football too, 8-0!

October 13, 1993
Today was our last volleyball game. I'm really sad that all of this is ending. Even though [crush's name] is not in my class, I see him an awful lot during the day. WE are in the same S.H. and in band he sits right behind me and I always turn around to talk to [guy friend's name] who sits right beside him. [friend's name] likes [guy friend's name] and I like [crush's name]. [friend's name] and I are BFs and [crush's name] and [guy friend's name] are really good friends. What a coincidence!

October 29, 1993
Tonight, [friend's name] and I are going rollerskating. We're going to meet [insert name of two guy friends]. I have to skate with [boy's name] during the moonlight skate so [friend's name] can be with [guy friend's name].
We stayed at the skating rink until about 10:45 p.m. and then went to Pizza Hut to eat. We had a lot of fun. I think we'll do it again sometime, maybe on Valentine's Day. Only this time, it will be me, [friend's name], [crush's name] and [guy friend's name]. I hope and so does [friend's name].

January 4, 1994
My heart is broken. [crush's name] is going with [girl's name]. I'm not mad at either of them. I'm just hurt. Not that [crush's name] would go with me. I like three guys now, the are [crush a's name], [crush b's name] and [crush c's name]. Today, I worked at the concession stand during the boys' game. I got two perfect views. First, during the 8th grade game, [crush a's name] was standing at half court facing away from me and he bent over, perfect view! Then, during the 7th grade game, [crush b's name] was outside the lane on the half of the court nearest me and he was facing the other way and he bent over, another perfect view. I hope [girl's name] isn't mad that I still like [crush a's name].

February 4, 1994
Today, I went to the orthodontist and then went to shop for a friend's b-day present. I got to school about 11:00 a.m. The day was pretty boring except during the S.H. I took the Ouija board to band and we played it the whole time. We would burst out laughing and screaming. I bet people were wondering what we were doing. Tonight, we played in the band at the game. One really good thing happened. I was getting some sugar-coated gummi worms and [crush b's name] was getting some regular gummi worms and the containers were really close together and once we both got some at the same time and our hands brushed. Even this short contact sent shivers up and down my spine and I shivered on the outside. Then I hurried away from the concession stand. During the game, I told [friend's name] who I liked and she thought I was crazy and she hit me in the back of the head. I said, "I'm not crazy, just look at that face." She said, "I don't know which end to look at." And I made a good comeback and said, "I usually look at both ends." She and I just started laughing.

February 2, 1994
We got out of school early today becaus of the snow or at least because of the weather. Not much happend so I'll tell you about the dream last night. It took place in 8th grade, like March 18, I still liked [crush b's name], but not [crush a's name]. [crush b's name] and [girl's name] had broken up for some reason the week before and now [girl's name] was going with [boy's name]. [crush b's name] was hurt and some friends decided to cheer him up so they told him that I liked him and he wrote me a note asking if it was true. I wrote back that it was. Within a week, we were going together. My dream ended with [friend's name] saying, "I knew I should have told him a long time ago" and me saying, "I don't know about that."

March 1, 1994
Before 8th period I went to the nurse with a headache and ended up having a temp of over 100! I saw [crush b's name] a lot (I looked for him on purpose). He's so cute! He's totally hot! I'm glad he and [girl's name] broke up. She still likes him, but he doesn't like her. Our dance is next Friday. Hopefully he'll dance with me. Yeah right! In my dreams! [friend's name] still likes [guy friend's name]. She likes him a lot, but not quite as much as I like [crush b's name].

March 6, 1994
I'm heartbroken. [crush b's name] is going with [girl's name]. I'm not mad at either of them. I'm just jealous of her and hurt. I don't even think she knows I like [crush b's name]. Most everyone in the 7th grade knows though. But no boy will ever go with me. The year I go with a boy will be the year the Chicago Cubs win the World Series!! I like [crush b's name] so much though. I might even like him more than I liked [crush a's name]. I'm really mad at my mom. She won't let me go to the dance this Friday. Not that anybody would dance with me, but I wanted to be there for [friend's name]'s first dance. Maybe by the end of the week, my mom will change her mind - only if I can bring home a note from Mrs. Doolittle and a note from Mr. Barber, both saying I'm doing better in their classes. I really hope for three things - 1) I hope I can go to the dance on Friday. 2) I hope [girl's name] doesn't care that I like [crush b's name]. 3) I hope [girl's name] and [crush b's name] break up by Friday!

March 7, 1994
I'm still sad about [crush b's name] going with [girl's name]. I can't stand seeing them together. They walked to the buses together. In my opinion, I think [girl's name] is just using [crush b's name]. How come every time I like a boy, he's always going with someone or he starts going with someone?!?  People think I'm crazy to like him, but I think he's totally hot!!

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  1. "Hopefully!!!!!! I really do love [crush's name]. I get really shy around him and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth and I get butterflies in my stomach and somewhere in my brain goes, "oh baby" when I see him. He's so cute!"

    Love IT! I'm pretty sure that's how I journaled about Justin Timberlake when I was 14/15/16 ;)


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