Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ten Lessons in 2010: Three

THREE: Sometimes when you challenge yourself physically, the real challenge becomes a mental one.

This year, I decided to try out running. I'd heard rumors about something called "runner's high," and so many of my friends who ran seemed to be healthier -- physically and emotionally. I decided to give it a shot.  Now, let me remind you, I'm the girl who would have used ANY excuse not to run the mile each year in P.E. and thought people who ran "for fun" were crazy.  Well, if they are, I'm crazy now too. 

I found I actually enjoyed running.  More than that, I was stunned to realize my body could handle it.  There were times during my training I felt like quitting, but then I'd push myself a little. When I hit those lulls, I'd tell myself I had to run to the end of that block or that song and then I could walk, and by the time I got to that point, I didn't feel the need to walk anymore.  I could keep running.  My body could handle it, but there were times my mind couldn't. 

With the onset of cold weather, my running has come to a halt, and I really miss it.  But I look forward to starting back up in the spring.  I know someone is going to hold me to those words too.  Ha ha.

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