Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fiver: Current YouTube Obsessions

I can spend HOURS on YouTube.  And I have.  I believe Julie, Kathleen and I did that a few weeks ago when I stayed with them.  Here are just a few of my current favorite vids ...

I love this song anyway, but this girl really brings it. I wish I could sing like that.  Her cover of "Mean" is pretty rad too.

A fan made this video, and it's unbelievable.  Mayer, himself, was pretty impressed with the fan's work.

Two of my favorites, singing about one of the signature news stories of 2010.  Ha ha ha.  Love it.

My favorite cast of my second favorite musical singing to one of their castmates on her 40th birthday.  Fantastic.

The grand finale is the funniest, but since they won't let me embed, you'll have to click to the video. It's worth it, so just do it.

Happy Friday, kids.  Do something fun.

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