Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday's Snapshot: Atmosphere

I apologize for the tardiness of this entry.  I was away from my computer and out of town, but that's where I got this shot, so it's worth it, right?  I spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the Twin Cities with two of my college roommates and some of their friends. We were celebrating Kathleen's birthday, which included dinner at Wasabi (so yummy!) and drinks and singing at Nye's Polonaise. The atmosphere at the latter place was just incredible.  Gorgeous glittery booths, a lady playing showtunes and old standards on the piano (with random guest singers), a photo booth and a polka band next door.  Our waitress was fantastic, and I also really loved all the lighting fixtures.  It had a very laid back vibe, which was perfect for our Saturday night out.


  1. Super duper fun time!

    Also, it was great to meet you at Nye's.

    (I got a link to this blog post from Kathleen's FB.)

    I also write stuff and post things here:

    ...if you feel like checking it out...

    Magic and wonder to you!

  2. You failed to mention the super-fun stud you got to hang out with all night. :)


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