Sunday, March 27, 2011

Accountability is key

I compose some of my best writings when I'm facing a hard deadline.

My house looks cleanest when I know company is coming (especially my mom).

I finished the Couch 2 5K training just in time for my first race back in October.

Clearly ... I'm best at accomplishing things when someone is holding me accountable. 

This probably isn't a unique trait, but it's something I need to tell myself more often.

I've been trying to get back in the habit of exercising on a regular basis.  When the weather started warming up, I was eager to put on my running shoes and go for a walk/jog along the lake.  The gorgeous scenery and fresh air felt good after a drab winter.  But then winter crept back in, and I was no longer inspired to suck cold air into my lungs.  Instead, I went home and just sat on the couch, catching up on TV shows and internet communication.

Fortunately, at the same time, a group of female bloggers committed to doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred workout. I own the DVD, and have tried to tackle it more than once.  I think the furthest I've gotten is two days into Level 2, and then, for a variety of reasons, I let the DVD collect dust on my shelves.  That's not going to do me any good.  When I saw Carrie mention "shredding" with a bunch of other ladies, I decided to jump in.  We keep up with each other on twitter, using the hashtag "#shredcrew."  I added that hashtag to my TweetDeck columns, and I read their tweets.  Even though it's only virtual communication, I feel like they're right there with me -- sweating, yelling at Jillian and striving to do more "Natalie" versions than "Anita" versions.  If I read that one of them has already "shredded" for the day and I haven't moved off the couch, I feel guilty, so I get up and turn the DVD on.  Half an hour later, I'm grateful that I worked out.  Sometimes I just need that shove.  That's what the #shredcrew is for.

I'll still be training for another 5K (when the weather improves).  I've agreed to do some races with a friend this summer, so I can't back out.  Again, with the accountability thing.  I need a goal ... something on the horizon to keep me going.

As added motivation, I remind you that I'm going to be wearing a bridesmaid dress in November.  My measurements are due to the bride-to-be by the end of April.  She's picked out beautiful dresses, and I want to make sure I look my best.

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  1. I too have started and stopped the 30 Day Shred a thousand times. Maybe I'll start it in April when our bathroom is finished being remodeled.


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