Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm not vain ... but my license plates could be

I am seriously considering getting vanity plates for Ribbie (my car, whom I now own free and clear).  I already know I'm ordering these plates, which honor my alma mater.

Now, I just have to decide what they should say.  Part of me really wants it to relate to baseball and/or the Rangers.  But I'm open to a non-related plate as well.  I've put options I've come up with in a poll below.

Here's a little explanation of each one ...

CHAPMIC = my login name in college
RNGRFAN = Ranger fan
BALLGME = Ballgame (Josh Lewin used to exclaim this at the end of every Rangers win)
CGHTLKG = Caught looking (not sure anyone would get it)
CT LKNG = Caught looking (alternate)
GORNGRS = Go Rangers
RNGRSWN = Rangers win

What should my license plate say?
None ... all of these suck! free polls

I'm also open to suggestions.  If you choose the last option, please provide your idea in the comments below.


  1. I like RNGRFAN, but I would also consider HELLOWC for Hello, Win Column. I doubt many people in Iowa would get either one, but as long as you do, who cares.

  2. Melissa - A friend of mine tried HELLOWC in California, and it was denied. Probably because it starts with "Hell," which is considered vulgar. I could use one less L or something. It's worth thinking about.

  3. Those are cute!

  4. The only one Im iffy about is thr CT LKNG, because it looks like a shoutout to the state of connecticut. Like Connecticut Liking? IDK. I like Chapmic because it's something you can pronounce and it seems to be apart of your identity.


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