Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WLJ: Here come the holidays

This time of year is laden with carbs and the desire to curl up on the couch and watch cheesy Christmas movies. I can't resist either of those things completely, but I'm determined not to let the holiday season derail my weight-loss goals.

Did you know the average American gains one pound each year between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve?

Doesn't sound like much, but those pounds can accumulate.  I can't completely blame the holidays for my weight-gain, but they are probably part of it.  If we're only counting my post-teenage holiday seasons, that's 11 pounds.

I'm not gaining another pound this Christmas. Nope.  Not going to. I'm determined.

How will I battle the bulge?
  • One ... I'm going to enjoy all the treats the holiday brings, but in moderation. One Christmas cookie is fine.  A dozen is not.  And, I will continue to track all my intake on Weight Watchers.  They're about to roll out some new features for Points Plus, so this could get interesting.
  • Two ... I'm going to make sure I eat a good breakfast everyday.  I've been doing yogurt with Grape Nuts this fall, but now it's getting to be oatmeal weather.  It's good, filling and super easy to eat at my desk.  I may also start mixing in some green smoothies (spinach blended with a banana, other fruit and water).  My friend, Jill, says they're delicious, plus you get tons of fruits and vegetables to start the day.
  • Three ... I'm going to stay active.  I've joined Iowa Girl Eats' 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge.  Basically, I'm pledging to workout every weekday between now and Christmas.  Totally doable. Afraid you'll get bored? Kristin has you covered with 20 different workouts she uses. Seriously.  You can do this. Join us?

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