Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Reads of the Week

It was another good week on the blogosphere.  Clearly, my subscriptions are superior.

Operation Sequin Pants: The Eagle Has Landed (this free bird) - Love this girl. Her quirky sense of humor. Her bold sense of style. She posted about these pants a few weeks back and I knew she'd rock them.  And she did.

A thousand words won't bring you back ... (Quarter for Her Thoughts) - Get the kleenex out if you're going to read this one, but don't avoid it just because it might make you sad. This blogger lost her father last month and is working through her grief. The way she expresses it in this entry is so honest and real. It's everything blogging should be.  My heart breaks for her, and she is among the many in my prayers and thoughts this time of year.

Happy Holidays from 1997 (Stumbling Towards Nirvana) - This is more of a watch than a read.  The video chat between these two girls is hilarious -- filled with one-liners, lip syncing to holiday (and other) tunes, Christmas porn and a little profanity (that's just a warning for you, in case you don't dig that kind of thing).  After watching this, I realized I don't have near as many video chats with friends as I should.  Who's in?

a six-step process, the "eff yeah" list and a peek at my annual goal-setting template ... (nicole is better) -  I want to be better at setting goals, and I love Nicole's approach to it.  Even if it is very Type A.  I still adore you, Nicole. Oh, and my favorite part is the "eff yeah" list.  I try to do that at the end of each year (although not necessarily by that name).  It's fun to look back and celebrate successes and happy moments as you get ready for a new year.

4 Crappy Bowls that No One Cares about the 8 schools that don't want/deserve to be there (isnotawasteland) - I admit, I was a bit afraid to read this entry.  The blogger is from Iowa, and I was sure he would be including my beloved Iowa State Cyclones and their Pinstripe Bowl in this list.  Alas, he did not. *whew*  Some of the ticket prices for these bowl games kind of make me sad for those teams.   But this entry made me laugh.  Am I a bad person?

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