Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's OK Thursday

It's Thursday!! Yay!!  The weekend is almost here!!

That's a lot of bangpoles (aka exclamation marks), but I think they're warranted.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have absolutely no plans for this weekend (except for Zumba on Saturday and a Skype date with my best friend on Sunday).  I cannot wait for a little down time. 

OK.  So, I'm kidding myself if I think I'll be lazy all weekend. 

I'll probably find plenty to keep me busy.  Now that I have my recipe page templates and a printer, I will probably start organizing my recipes.  I also want to work on organizing my kitchen a little better, so I might be pulling everything out of the cupboards and then putting it back in a different format.  I've been living in my house for seven months, but I still don't feel like I'm using the space in there as best I can.  So, yeah, I'll probably be busy.  But productivity feels good.

Anyway, on to ...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... to be quite fond of someone who has no idea.
These crushes are my favorite.
There's no risk and no rejection.

... to get annoyed by people who are texting while they're working out.
If you have the energy/time to text, you're not doing it right.

... to have breakfast food for meals that are not in the morning.
Brinner (breakfast for dinner) is one of my favorites.

... to be putting off doing my Mary Kay inventory.
I know I need to do it for tax purposes, but I don't wanna.

... to get annoyed when people make fun of things I like.
I don't judge the things they like (that maybe I don't enjoy),
why am I not returned the favor.

I wish I'd ended on a more positive note.  
I swear I'm in a really good mood this week. 
Oh well.

What's OK with you?

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  1. It's ok to get annoyed!! We are all different and that's more than OK!! :) Great post.


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