Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday

When I woke up this morning, I was so warm and cozy in my bed, I did not want to get up.  Then I remembered it's Thursday, which means I'm thisclose to the weekend.  Can't wait.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... to be mildly attracted to Seth Rogen 
and even more attracted to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
 Yep, I watched "50/50" last night.

... to want to listen to the same few songs over and over again, 
but resist because everything I listen to is broadcasted to facebook via spotify. 

 ... to be a little giddy that one of my teenage celeb crushes is following me on Twitter.
 Hello, Thomas Ian Nicholas. 

... to feel a little heartbroken over someone I never had.
Giving up on someone is hard, but sometimes it's better than holding on.

... to not like facial piercings but find Matt Nathanson's nose ring a little sexy.
 You make my heart beat faster, indeed.

... to wonder if anyone really knows me at all. 
Some know me better than others, but I still don't feel like anyone "gets" me.

... to choose nail polishes based on the name of the shade.
Hello "Eternal Optimist." (Not my hand.)

... be excited about getting a psychic reading this weekend.
Referred by a friend. I'm anxious to hear what she says.

... to just want to fill this entry with more eye candy.
Hey girl.

What's OK with you?
(Go ahead and pretend Ryan is asking you that. I just did.)


  1. Hmmmm Ryan Gosling! Great list!

  2. oh boy, yummy ryan gosling!!

    cute blog :)

  3. Obviously I would never judge you for any of these things... I have a celeb crush on Jack Black which I think is even more questionable than Seth Rogen (who I also love- since Knocked Up!) I want to hear about your psychic reading! One of my friends from camp is a palm reader and she's always given me scarily accurate readings.


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