Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Things Friday ... and a GIVEAWAY!

I don't know about you all, but I am so glad it's Friday.  It's been a rough week ... for a lot of reasons I won't get into here.  Fortunately, there's been some good news in there too, which I also can't share here.  Gah.  Sorry for all the vagueness.  But it's for the best, truly.

Enough of that.

Here are five awesome things from this week that I CAN share:

Seriously funny stuff here.  
I laughed out loud at least once on each page.

My new Tyrone Wells CD "Where We Meet" has shipped. Love this man. The first released song, "Freedom" makes me dance in my desk chair and car.  Check it out, and if you like what you hear, head over to itunes at 1 p.m. (CST) on Tuesday and buy "Where We Meet." Yes, it'll be available earlier, but that time is key. And, yes, I'll be buying a second copy as part of this campaign. It could help launch Tyrone into the #1 spot on itunes for the day. He deserves it.

I tried a yoga class for the first time last night. 
I'll write more about it on Tuesday, but it's suffice to say I enjoyed it.

During boot camp class on Tuesday, someone commented that they can tell I've lost some weight. 
I've worked really hard, so it's nice when people notice.

A sweater I wore once had pilled out in the wash. So gross. I thought it was done. 
But my mom let me borrow her clothes shaver (who knew such a thing existed), and voila! 
The sweater is wearable again. 

And now ... for a GIVEAWAY!!

I have Spring Fever already. I keep thinking about baseball and shorts and sun.  Of course that also means sandal weather is around the corner.  It might be time to start really taking care of our feet.

That's why I'm giving away one 
Mary Kay Pedicure Set.

This set includes foot balm, foot soak, pedicure tool and a cute zippered bag.     

These are amazing, by the way. I got one after Relay For Life a few years ago, and it was heaven to my feet after a night in which I'd walked about 20 miles.

There are three ways to get your name in the drawing. 
1.  Follow this blog on GFC. Leave me a comment saying you've done this.
2. Leave me a comment about your favorite thing about spring.
3. Follow @TheBestMicah on Twitter. Leave a comment saying you've done this.
The winner will be announced on March 10. 
Good luck!


  1. Hey, I can't figure out the raffle thingy.

    Also, that tumblr is hilarious!

    1. I had a feeling it might be confusing. I've amended the entry format. :)

  2. I absolutely adore yoga! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let me know if you need any dvd suggestions--I have a couple that I really love when I can't make it to a class.

  3. I already follow you on GFC :)

  4. I talk to you all the time on Twitter ;-)

  5. My favorite thing about Spring are robins, sunny days, buds on trees, and flowers. I'm also excited to see what Spring is liek NYC since I've only every been here in the Winter.

    My least favorite thing is my allergies. lol!

  6. My favorite thing about Spring in DC is the Cherry Blossom... They are soooooo beautiful!!! :)

  7. Favorite thing about spring? UHHHHH BASEBALL!?! But beyond that (so silly, like something else exists?) it'd have to be driving with the windows down-not cause its so hot you have to but because you WANT to...after (normally) being starved for fresh air all winter there's nothing better. Unless its rolling down the window on the way to a baseball game. :)

  8. I'm a follower on GFC, I love spring because the weather is awesome to be outside!

  9. I also follow you on twitter! Happy Wednesday!


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