Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday: All About Amy

Six years ago, I lost a dear friend, Amy.

I can't believe that much time has passed. And at the same time, it feels too long since I last saw her and talked to her.

Music was the basis for our friendship. We met on a Rascal Flatts Fan Message Board and went to a concert together shortly thereafter. As time went on, our friendship grew and expanded to baseball. I knew nothing about the sport back then, but after a few games with Amy, I felt pretty knowledgeable.

Yep, that's us at the ballpark on what was assuredly a hot summer day.

Amy and her favorite Ranger, David Dellucci.
Me and Amy with my favorite Ranger at the time, Kameron Loe.

My passion and interest in Rangers baseball has only multiplied since then, and I will always credit Amy with being my first baseball tutor.  It seems appropriate that I am headed to Spring Training in a few days. She and I talked several times about making the trek to Surprise.  Well, now I am going.  I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate her into my trip, but I haven't figured anything out yet.

In celebration of a great friendship, I offer five songs that remind me of Amy.  I'm choosing only to highlight upbeat, fun songs although there are plenty of sadder ones that fit as well.  But Amy wouldn't want that.

Music is fun.

Baseball is fun.  

Life is fun.

Might as well start with a song from the band that brought us together.  We went to a lot of concerts (Rascal Flatts and otherwise) together, so this is the perfect tune.

David Dellucci, a Louisiana native, was Amy's favorite Ranger.  We listened to this song in her car before and after every game we went to together. We may or may not have changed some words too.  Ha ha.

The inclusion of this one shouldn't need explanation. But I'll offer some anyway.  In our first (and only) season of Rangers baseball, Amy and I went the budget route. We bought the cheapest tickets available (sometimes even kids tickets) and brought in food from the Wendy's dollar menu and our own waters/sodas (Rangers Ballpark allows this).  We'd start out in the upper deck of the stands, but by the 4th inning, we could usually spot some available seats in the lower level.  Usually right behind the left fielder. This was before the Rangers were perennial playoff participants, so the stadium was rarely sold out. Oh, how times have changed.

If there's anyone Amy loved more than her family and her baseball boys, it was Chris Cagle. 

Carrie Underwood was another mutual favorite. 
And this song seems like the perfect way to cap this entry.

If there's anything I learned from Amy's untimely passing is that you can't take anyone or any day for granted. You never know what tomorrow holds.

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  1. I woke up this morning thinking, "Has it really been six years already?". There are times I still want to pick up the phone and call her. But on days like today when it feels like we just lost her yesterday, I think of how lucky I was to have her as a friend. I would not trade those days for anything even knowing the outcome. These songs make me smile and remember all the fun we had. I'll never stop missing her, but it's easier to remember all the good times now. Thank you for posting Micah!


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