Friday, May 25, 2012

Love and hate

I've seen these posts bouncing all over my blog world.  Most of them used the word "hate," but I really don't think I dislike anything that much to use that strong of  a word, so as I jump in, I'll soften it a bit.

Things I don't like that everyone else seems to love ...

Harry Potter
Honestly, I've never read the books, but 
I watched one of the movies with my best friend (who loves them).
I was so bored.  
Truly. So bored.
Same applies to "The Lord of the Rings."

I like maybe two or three songs out of their catalog.  
Otherwise, I'll pass.
Same applies to Dave Matthews Band.

Horror movies
My imagination has way too much fun with this kind of stuff.
No thanks.

High heels
I see girls wearing these all over, and it makes my feet ache.
My feet were not designed to be in that position for any length of time.
I'll stick to low and kitten heels.
My feet will like me more.

I have no interest in professional basketball.
Give me baseball or football any day.  Everyday.
If Royce White gets drafted and starts playing a lot, I might turn on a game for him.
But that's it.

I don't understand spending hundreds of dollars on ONE purse, wallet, etc.
And, yes, I've seen the bags. Meh.
I don't get it.
This applies to other brands as well.

"Jersey Shore"
I'm not trying to be uppity here.
I watch PLENTY of trash TV.
I've watched one episode, just to see why my friends like it, and I just .... don't get it.
I just don't get the appeal of this show.
Or why anyone would want to be like these ... people.

"Hubby" and "Wifey"
Something about those terms just grates me.
What's wrong with just saying "husband" and "wife"?
See also: "Preggo."

Let me go ahead and say this: If you're my friend, and you like any of these things, that's OK.  

We can still be friends.  And I will probably still indulge your interest in one of these things.  Because that's what I do.  That's what friends do.  And probably because I love you more than I dislike any of these things.


Let's show the other side too though, OK? I definitely have some likes that aren't popular with other people, including many of my friends. 

Things I love that other people hate ...

Reality TV
"The Bachelor/Bachelorette," "Big Brother," "Biggest Loser," "Teen Mom," 
"Bachelor Pad," "Say Yes to the Dress," "The Voice," etc.
I look at them as entertaining social experiments.
And they fascinate me.
Some of my favorite people hate this genre of television, 
and they let me know it every chance they get.

It's an amazing, cerebral game with fascinating personalities and great storylines.
And, truly, every time you tune in, you might see something that's never happened.
But I know some who think it's the MOST BORING game ever.

I love the musical numbers, 
I think the characters are great,
and there are some great one liners (see: Brittany or Sue).
This show is constantly mocked by my friends.

 Rascal Flatts and John Mayer
Odd grouping, I know, but they're both important to me.
They're both responsible for introducing me to valuable friends.
And I constantly see people I know mocking one or both.
I will never stop being a fan of either.

Young adult fiction series
"Twilight," "The Hunger Games," and "Matched" come to mind.
Are they brilliant writing? Not necessarily.
But I read for entertainment and to get lost in a different world/life.

I don't mind if my friends don't love these things.  I don't have to share all my interests with them.  But I hope they don't think less of me or make fun of me because I do love these things. 

In fact, it'd be really nice if we could all just like what we like and not judge those who do. You know, live and let live. But clearly, that's not a realistic expectation. We are an extremely judgmental society.  I see it on my facebook and twitter feeds every day.  I try my best not to join in, but I don't always succeed.  This is something I'm working on.

And on that note, let's finish this post with a little tune that fits in pretty well ...


  1. Haha I totally appreciate this post! I am not a Horror movie, NBA fan(AT ALL) and could care less to spend hundreds on a purse I will see a lot of other girls wearing!! I am a big Rascal Flatts & John Mayer fan too :)

  2. Baseball + John Mayer + Rascal Flatts = love also.


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