Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday: Todd Carey - "My Kind of Crazy"

I remember when Todd Carey first sent me a MySpace message way back in 2007. Let's be honest -- for all the bad things you can say about MySpace, it was a great way to discover new music.  Anyhow, Todd was offering up his album for free, and I never turn down free tunes, so I took him up on it. I fell in love with it almost instantly, and I've paid for every bit of music he's put out since then.

I finally got to see him live with Curtis Peoples in November 2009. I drove seven hours to Evanston, Ill. (SPACE remains one of my favorite venues ever) and turned right around after the show to drive seven hours back to my home, where I showered and went right into work. I'm still not sure how I managed.  But it was worth it.

I ended up seeing him six times in a 10-month period.He is a sweetheart and very personable.  He's also a pretty damn talented musician. The last time I saw him was in September 2010. That means it's been 20 months since I've seen him.  I'm definitely going through some withdrawal. I adore him, and I miss him.

Thank goodness for YouTube and some new tunes. 
They help. 
A little.

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