Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New month, new fitness challenge

I like challenges.  
I like games.  
They keep me motivated and out of a fitness rut.

Last month, the goal was just to keep active with #GetYourAssMovingApril. 
I used that hashtag to check in with others on Twitter who were also seeking extra motivation. 
I think it went really well.

April is over.
It's time for a new fitness challenge.

I decided to make this month's challenge revolve around my favorite boys of summer. 
 I spend nearly every night with them.
Why not let them motivate me?

Here is my formula for the 
Texas Rangers Fitness Challenge

Rangers runs = # of sets
Strikeouts by Rangers pitchers - # of repetitions

Plank twists
Jumping jacks

So, if I start today, using last night's box score, I'd do 4 sets of 9 of each of those exercises.

I hope the boys don't have another 30-run game and try to kill me. 
But at least there were only four strikeouts.

Anyhow ... I'll be doing these challenge workouts the day following the game.

These workouts will not replace my current routine, but I thought they'd be a nice supplement.

I think I will start today. Especially since my gym is on break (between sessions) and I'm not sure I'll squeeze in any kind of workout this weekend (I'll be focusing on my friends for a few days, not fitness).  I'll try, but I'm not promising myself or anyone anything.

Am I crazy?

Are any of my fellow Rangers (or baseball) fans willing to join me?  

Feel free to steal or modify it in a way that motivates and challenges you.

Let's make May awesome!

EDIT TO ADD:  I'm not sure what I'll do if, by chance, my boys get shut out.  
I guess I'll treat a 0 like a 1?  


  1. that sounds like fun! I dont watch baseball but I can probably just check the teams and see what the scores were :)

    1. Yep. It's easy to check the box score online. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yay!

      Go Rangers ... but don't kill us :)

  3. I'm trying to figure out how I would modify this for me...I don't watch sports really. I used to follow the Twins - maybe this is a way for me to get into it again?

    1. You don't even really need to watch the games for this to work. Choose a team (Twins, in your case, maybe), look at their box score, profit. :)

    2. Am I allowed to do girly push-ups? I suck at regular push-ups.

    3. Absolutely. Those are the only kind I can do too. #weak

  4. Ha I love this! Such a cute idea and fun way to make a simple workout goal! Seriously, you go girl!


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