Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving ...

... that a dress I tried on (and bought) recently was a size 4-6.
I am not a size 4-6, but it still felt pretty good.
This just goes to show that there is no universal size chart.

... the new Jason Reeves album.
Love love love him.

... that tonight's Rangers game starts at 5:30 p.m.
I'll miss the first few innings while I'm at Zumba.
But at least it's not a 9 p.m. start.  
Those were killing me.

... that I won this Emily Giffin book on GoodReads.
Did you know there were book giveaways on there?
I've been on there for years and just discovered it last week.
I'm so excited that I won!

... the response to my own giveaway.
I can't wait to choose a winner for my summer goodies package.
Just a few more days to go.
Have you entered yet?

... that my tomato plant hasn't died yet.
This is quite a feat for me.
And look, there are flowers, which means there will be fruit soon.

... friends who put up with me.
I know I can be difficult and hard to like sometimes.
I promise I'm working on that.

What are you loving?


  1. Awesome for the 4-6!!! I want to be an 8-10, getting close :)

    Congrats on winning the book!! I want to read that when it comes out (or maybe it already did?)

  2. YAY for size 4-6. Going to enter your giveaway right now. Visiting from WILW!


  3. I love when I can get a dress in a smaller size!

  4. I am super excited about the new Emily Giffin book - love all her others! Stopping by from WILW!

  5. I love when I can buy smaller size clothes! That's always fun :) OH! And let me know how the book is. I like Emily Giffin.

  6. Vanity sizing is a good thing and a bad thing for sure! Google it and you'll see that it's like an epidemic.
    We are counting the days until we can grow tomatoes again. They don't grow in Alaska because it doesn't get hot enough (unless you have a greenhouse) and tomatoes need those dry hot days to get to tasting good.

  7. HURRAY for smaller sizes :) Of course you should be excited! And that tomato plant looks SO GOOD!

  8. I love Jason Reeves. It's always fun to root for an Iowa native. Also, the mural he used as part of his cover art for his The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache is a mural in downtown Iowa City that brings back so many memories of times passed.


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