Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... to think blog drama is worse than high school drama.
I'm so tired of women criticizing each other and tearing each other down.
Just because we live our lives differently doesn't mean any of us is wrong.
Live and let live. It's really that simple.


... that I didn't blog about the anniversary of 9/11.
There's not much I can say that hasn't been said by someone else.
And even though I'll never forget that day, I don't want to re-live it either.
I don't think that makes me insensitive or un-American, but others might disagree.


... that I really want to see "Pitch Perfect" and "Trouble With the Curve."
Anna Kendrick, singing competitions, Justin Timberlake, Amy Adams, baseball. 
Gah.  So much to love about all of that.
These movies will definitely require a trip to the theater.


... to be a hopeless romantic ... and also feel a little clueless about it all.
I should have given up on love by now, but I can't.
I'm not even sure I completely know what I'm looking for.
How do you know when you've found it?


... to feel completely and utterly spoiled as a baseball fan.
I get to watch Adrian Beltre play every night. He's amazing.
All of my boys are, honestly.  But Beltre is really something special.
I can hardly remember when he wasn't a Ranger.


... to wish I had unlimited funds to go on many baseball trips next year.
The 2013 schedule came out today, and I saw so many ballpark trip possibilities.
I'm going to have to choose just one though.
I'm leaning toward Detroit, so I can go with my friend, Meg.


... to get excited over a RT and message from one of my favorite musicians.
As you can see, I had tweeted this photo of all my Tony Lucca albums.
And he replied - "Looks like you've scored 'em all! #Gratitude"
I actually own more than were pictured, but I got most of them in there.
His tweet totally made my day. I can't wait to see him in October.


What's OK with you today?


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that he replied to you!! That's awesome!!! AND in regards to how do you know when you find the right person... Well, as cheesy as it is, you JUST know... Shay says that he knew I was the one because he could be himself around me... For me, it was the way I did things for him that I never wanted to do for anyone else...

  2. I actually wrote the exact same thing this morning about women bashing one another. I deleted it though.. (ironically, I didn't want negative comments from it. Ha!)

    I LOVE baseball too. In fact, one of my dogs is named Babe Ruth. Can you tell I'm a Yankees fan? ;)

    Great list!

    Coming over from Amber's link-up!


  3. Beltre reminds me so much of my all time favorite Ranger, Buddy Bell. I love watching him, too, and I'm glad he's on my team.

  4. I also want to see 'Pitch Perfect.' SO MUCH.

  5. I completely agree with you on pretty much all of these.
    Didn't know there was blog drama but not surprised. I completely agree on the 9-11 thing. I put something similar on Facebook actually. Nobody likes me much for it but hey, that's ok. :) and BELTRE is the bomb!!!! I love him.

  6. I totally agree with you on posting about 9/11, I eventually gave in and wrote about it, but I hate to sound like a broken record! And I'm glad someone can feel like a spoiled baseball fan, cause my Dbacks have had a less-than-stellar season this year! Haha!

  7. That's so cool that you got a response and RT! Love grateful musicians. And I totally agree with the 9/11 one, I didn't post on that day for the same reason.

  8. We've already had a bit of a discussion about this, but should come to Michigan so we can take bestow all sorts of baseball love on our favorite teams.

    I really want to see Trouble with the Curve, too. The previews of Amy Adams with Clint Eastwood totally remind me of me and my dad.


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