Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Around The Home Edition

I love spending time with my family (like I did last weekend), but I have equal love for the time I spend at home in my own company.  It gives me time to decompress from the week I just finished and recharge for the week ahead.  Now, that's not to say I become a couch potato for the entire weekend.  Far from it, usually.  I find it hard to sit still for too long, so I usually enjoy a mix of lazy and productive.  That's certainly been the case this weekend.

My Color Run is coming up in a few weeks, so I knew I needed to start preparing for that.  I usually run in the evenings, but the race is in the morning.  So, every Saturday between now and then, I plan to get up and get my run in early.  I stayed up too late Friday night, so I didn't hit the road until 9:45 a.m. on Saturday.  But I figure that's still better than waiting until 5.  When I started out, I wasn't sure I was going to finish three miles.  My legs felt like lead, and I still didn't feel quite awake.  But somehow I finished 3.4 miles at a pretty good pace.  I was pretty surprised.

After an active morning, I decided it was OK to be kind of lazy the rest of the day.  I watched college football and worked on a Pinterest craft I've been eying for a few weeks.

Here's the pin:

Here's my finished project:

It took me three hours to complete.  The most time consuming part was wrapping the yarn around the styrofoam circle, mostly because the yarn kept getting tangled.  I won't tell you how many times I cussed out the yarn.

My flowers don't look like hers, but I still really like it.

It's supposed to be a fall wreath, but I think this could be left up longer than autumn.  What do you think?

Today has been more cleaning and laundry, but I will get in plenty of couch time too. See -- I'm all about balance!

Are your weekends productive or relaxing?


  1. I love that wreath! I think maybe I'll try it. I think the flowers (yours and hers) both look really good.
    My weekends are horribly lazy. When I don't have anyone to push me, I don't accomplish anything. I'm like a 13 year old in a grownup's body.

  2. I think your wreath looks great! I haven't had a good crafting time in a while and I miss it. One of my friends who just did the Color Run in DC posted her pictures and it looks like so much fun - I hope you take lots of photos when you go!

  3. Two things! One is that I love that wreath! It is perfect for fall and so I am hoping to have the time to complete one of those too! Second is that I got my book swap book in the mail with a note explaining which blog she is from and I realized that I didn't put where I am from on the note I sent you! Sorry! I'm your book swapper!


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