Saturday, December 22, 2012

This Gift, That Gift

There's nothing I love more than finding the perfect gift for someone.  I love seeing their reaction as they tear off the paper and open the box on something they've wanted ... or maybe something they didn't know they wanted.  That's always the best!!

I've gotten a ton of surprise gifts in the mail in the past few weeks ...

I am feeling all kinds of spoiled, special and loved.  And I'm going through a time in my life when I don't feel so lovable. So the gesture of each gift has melted me a little.

The other night, I started thinking about memorable Christmas gifts in my past -- given and received.


> Last year, my brother and I gave my parents Packers stock.  They're big Green Bay fans, so we were really excited to do that for them.

> A few years ago, I used a web site to make a coffee mug for my best friend, Nikki.  There were two pictures of us together along with one of my favorite quotes about friends.  It was really perfect.



> In 2008, my parents gave me a DVD player/VCR.  My other DVD player was on it's last legs, so this was much appreciated.

> In 2010, my brother gave me stemless wine glasses. I use them A LOT, and they're still one of my favorite gifts.

> Last year, my parents gave me a new coffeemaker.  I was in dire need of one.  And since I use it daily, it's safe to say it was a really good gift.

> Last year, my brother gave me an iPod docking station/stereo.  It's amazing and I use it a lot.


Seeing a pattern there?  Yeah, most of my holiday gifts have come from family.  Mostly because my friends and I really don't do gifts anymore.  My best friend, Jamie, and I usually do a nice dinner out as our gift to each other. And that's the best because Christmas, for me, is definitely more about spending time with friends and family than gifts.  Although gifts are always nice too.

I decided to ask my Twitter family about some of their more memorable gifts ...

I think Jen's is my favorite.  I wish I could remember a great gift from when I was a kid.  I'm sure there were several I was excited about.  I just can't recall them right now.

What's your favorite gift you've given or received?

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