Friday, May 24, 2013

A review of my first StitchFix

I'm sure this will shock everyone who knows me, but ... I am not a fashionista.

Seriously.  I'm not good at pulling things off the rack and having them look fabulous on me.  If I wasn't sure Clinton and Stacy would take away all my Rangers shirts, I'd go on TLC's "What Not To Wear."

So, I've seen this StitchFix thing floating around the blogosphere.  You pay $20 and fill out your "style profile," and they send you a box of items handpicked for you.  That $20 can be used toward the purchase of one or more of the items.  And if you purchase all items in the box, you get a 25 percent discount.  That sounded like a pretty decent deal, so I signed up.

In reading reviews from other bloggers, it seemed the first box was never a complete winner, but the feedback from that box helped create a better batch the next time around.  I'd have to say that's true for me too.  Or at least I'm hoping the next box will be a win because this one didn't do much for me.

I'll share photos of the items I received and my thoughts below.  Be forewarned, I'm not a fashion blogger.  I'm just a girl with self-timer setting on her camera.  Also ignore the post-workout hair and lack of makeup.  

Eighty Sixty - Mecca tie front blouse
I just really didn't care for how this fit or looked.  But I loved the color.

Fornash - Cutout spade long necklace
I really did like this necklace, but I couldn't justify the price (even with the $20 discount).

Sanctuary - Alton linen lace detail shirt.
This shirt did nothing for me.  Not a thing.

Miilla - Kathryn sheer crossfront woven top
I added the belt because otherwise it was completely shapeless.  And it's completely sheer in the back, and I'm not that confident, so it would require a tank underneath.  I wasn't a fan.

41Hawthorn - Lyra 3/4 sleeve jersey tunic dress
This was the only item I even considered buying.  I liked the cut and the length.  And the fit was perfect.  I just wasn't too crazy about the pattern, so it went back.

What do you think?   
Did I make the right call in sending everything back?
Do you have any tips for being better at clothes shopping?


  1. I like the black shirt (with a cami, obviously... lol) and the dress! But if you're not comfortable, no reason to pay money to keep them. Hope the next box is better!

  2. Cool! I had never heard of stitch fix until someone's post I read right before this one! I think I will try this out because I just wrote a post on how I have NO fashion sense, either! :)

  3. I liked that necklace and the black shirt, but yeah if you're not comfortable wearing them then it makes sense to send it back. I like the idea of stitchfix but spending $20 a month and maybe not liking anything? That would bug me.

  4. I love the dress but not the pattern. Also, the necklace, but if it was expensive, I'd have a hard time justifying it too.

    I don't know that I'd be comfortable having someone else pick out what they think I'd like. Of course, that doesn't include Stacy and Clinton. I'd listen to them as if my life depended on it lol.

  5. I love the dress. The pattern is a little bit 70's but it looks really good on you. The necklace is cute but I am thinking....Charming Charlies probably sells something like that for a lot less.

  6. I love the last two! That sounds like a good deal too.

  7. Definitely give it another try! My second and third boxes were much better than the first. I decided not to ask for accessories because it's all more than I would spend and I would rather have clothes. Also, make sure you pin, pin, pin to a board on Pinterest. That has helped my boxes a lot! I pinned my reviews too so they could get a better idea of how I looked in the items.


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