Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Never ever ever ...

I know (from experience) that it's not wise to say "never," but I'm going to anyway.  I feel like there are just some things that won't change, and if I'm proven wrong, well, then I guess I'll be wrong.

Never ever ...

... will I understand why cable TV costs so much.

... will I not think my birthday is super important.

... will I feel my age. I'm convinced of this.

... will I take for granted the people who have been there for me through the tough times. Anyone can be there when life is easy. The true warriors are there when it's not.

... will I not hate job searching.  It's not as bad as online dating, but it's close.

... will I change the channel when I see "Friends" is on -- no matter how many times I've seen that episode.

... will I enjoy doing push-ups.

... will I encourage children to major in something they love. Major in something that'll make you money. Minor in the thing you love.  I wish I'd done this.

... will I not be terrified about having a conversation about how I feel.  Too many times, people have told me I'm imagining things or invalidated my emotions.

... will I understand people who deliberately hurt others.

... will I do a mystery giveaway again. Apparently, not many people are interested.



  1. I love Friends! And that's smart advice about majoring in something you will make money in and minoring in something you love.

  2. A major in something that will make you money will, hopefully, lead to you having more time and money to pursue the interests that you love!

  3. I love Friends! I can't watch it without getting all sappy about my mispent youth! I feel so old now! I don't understand anyone's need to hurt others either. Some people are just mean and they seem to enjoy it.

  4. Sorry, I don't tend to enter giveaways to begin with because I always assume I'm not going to win. That and rafflecopter doesn't work in the browser that I check blogs in.

    I hate job searching too. So awful. Ugh. And yay Friends! For a while I actually would change the channel but now I catch myself watching it a little too much lol

  5. Yes to Friends!! And I agree-- job searching sucks. It's part of what has kept me in my current job this long. Hahaha


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