Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beauty and judgement

I'm sharing this video, which I first saw on the "Healthy is the New Skinny" Facebook page. I think their comment pretty much nailed the summary of Dustin's message: 

This is a really beautiful insight from a man on what it would be like to be a woman and the realization that we all miss out on really interesting people because we have been brainwashed to only value beauty above all else. You are so much more than your physical self and we need to look for that in others as well. 

I have been a victim of this, and I know I'm guilty of this too.  We have all been brainwashed to believe only the most physically attractive people are worthy of our time and attention.   The question is -- how do we change that? 

I mean, you can't help physical attraction, right?  I'm not saying I only want to talk to guys who look like Ryan Gosling or Ben Affleck, but I think there has to be some positive physical reaction.  Now, someone's personality can have a huge impact on their looks. I've met hot guys who were jerks, which made them uglier.  Likewise, I've met what might be considered average guys who were so nice, they became really attractive. 

With all that said, I'm sure I've missed out on some interesting people in the past by judging them on their looks.  I don't think there's any way for me to change that.  I suppose I can try to be a little more open minded as I go forward, but old habits are hard to break.

What's your reaction to Dustin's interview?  How does it impact you?



  1. I watched this video, too, and I was touched by it. Such a great point; something people don't think about often enough.

  2. I dated a guy in college and thought he was just the most gorgeous thing ever. Like, the end all, be all. And I couldn't believe he was interested in me. However, he ended up being incredibly boring and dull. He broke up with me lol. That was a lesson learned.


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