Saturday, August 31, 2013

Easy like Saturday morning

I didn't have to work this morning. It was a strange feeling.  I'll miss the hours on my paycheck next week, but I did enjoy sleeping in (which is 8 a.m. for me now) and sipping coffee while working on my novel. I was able to get a few more pages written this morning and I feel good about the progress I made.

I'm headed north in a little while to catch the Iowa State Cyclones home opener with my parents and some of their friends who are basically like an aunt and uncle to me.  I'm excited!!  College football is right up there with baseball for me.

The only thing I love as much as my sports is live music.   Speaking of which, be sure to check out my giveaway.  I'm stunned there aren't more entries.  It's probably my most favorite prize ever.

 Aren't any of my readers live music fans?

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