Friday, August 9, 2013

Frenzied times with friends

It's been a crazy, whirlwind week, my friends.  Forty-five hours in the office, some changes at work, and only one evening all to myself.

Although I'm tired and ready for some downtime, I'm also excited about the weekend ahead.  I'm spending the next few days with my college roommates.  There will be indulgent food choices (at the Iowa State Fair), beer/wine, a wedding, catching up, and lots of laughter.  I guarantee it.

I'm so blessed to have people in my life who just "get" me and allow me to be me.  My roommates are among those people.  Heck, I still call them my roommates even though we haven't lived together for more than a decade.  I think that says something about my level of comfort with them.  We are all spread out across the country (one in northern Iowa, one in Omaha, two in North Carolina, one in South Carolina, and two of us here in the Des Moines area), so we don't all get together very often.  I actually can't remember the last time we were all in one place.  So I plan to take advantage of every moment.

So, this space will be a little quiet for the next few days.  To help fill the void, I'm leaving you with a jam that always reminds me of my college days for some odd reason.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I LOVE fairs!! I can't wait for ours at the end of next month! Hope you have a fantastic time!! Eat something fried for me. ;) And yes-- thank God for those people who you don't have to explain yourself to. What would life be like without people like that??

  2. That song totally reminds me of college too! I love it. :) I hope you have a great weekend with your girlfriends!

  3. Sounds awesome! Minus the fried food bit ;) Have a great weekend Micah!


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