Thursday, October 31, 2013

October goals -- how did I do?

At the beginning of my month, I wrote about wanting to make my health and fitness more of a priority.  I listed five goals that would help me do this.  Let's see how I did ...

Here are my five goals for October and my self-scored report card:

:: No pop.  At all.  -- A
I have not had even a sip of soda since September. (I love alliteration.)

:: Eat at home.  -- A
I stayed away from dining out and takeout except when I was with friends.

:: Twenty workouts. -- A-
I only got in 19. I looked at my calendar last week and realized I would need to work out every day for the rest of the month to make my goal, and that just wasn't happening.

:: Track on MyFitnessPal every day. -- B-
I missed about six days.  I was away from the computer, and I was out and about. By the time I remembered to track, I'd forgotten what all I'd eaten. 

:: Seventy miles. -- A+
I actually covered 97.3 miles this month. It helps that I walk approximately 1.5 miles every day during work breaks with my work BFF.  And I started training for that half-marathon.

I'm pretty proud of how well I did.  I feel like established some good habits during the month that I plan to carry on.


Time to list my health and fitness goals for November.

::  Go to bed by ten on weeknights.
Sleep is so very important for health. I need more of it.  5:30 a.m. comes pretty early.

::  Do yoga once a week.
I'm doing tons of running and I've gone back to BodyPump once a week, but my body needs more. I also need work on balance, stretching, and meditation.

:: Go low carb five days a week.
This one is going to be hard.  But as someone with PCOS, I know carbs are not always my friends.  I really need to cut back.

:: Complete the plank challenge.
A friend posted this on facebook. I really need to work on my strength (especially my arms and core), so I'm in.

:: Eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal.
This one should be the easiest of all of them. 

What are you going to do this month to take better care of yourself?


  1. No soda since September?! That's awesome! I've done pretty well avoiding soda but I've had a few glasses here and there. It's not my first choice of drink, though, so it's usually at a party or something that I will have a can. 97.3 miles this month?!?! HOLY COW!!! That's amazing, Micah!!! Congrats on such an awesome October!! November is going to be even better :)


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