Thursday, December 12, 2013

Music teacher tells a story ... in song

Today, I'm sharing a video of my friend, Brad, who is a music teacher in Minnesota. Let me tell you folks, he is a great teacher.  No one is more enthusiastic about his field and his students than Brad. And this week, he learned a valuable lesson.

A little introduction, in Brad's own words:
The other night I left my car (running, unlocked) in the school parking lot for five hours. It was not stolen, nor did it run out of gas. On the spur of the moment, I decided to tell the story through song in my Advanced Music class on Tuesday. A student (naturally) had the good (?) sense to record it and post in on the interwebs for your enjoyment (?)

And the video:

Ha ha ha.

I got a huge kick out of watching this. I can't believe he was able to make up this song on the spot.  Then again, I know Brad, so yes I can. 


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