Friday, January 10, 2014

Fitness Friday: Plan, plan, plan

I am starting to get back in the fitness groove, and I can already feel a difference.  I got in five workouts in the last week, and while there are definitely some aches, they're the good kind.  You know what I'm talking about there, right?

Last week's workouts:
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: I completely rearranged my bedroom. I'm counting this as a workout. (2 hrs.)
Sunday: Rest day.
Monday: Circuit training at home (25 mins.)
Tuesday: BodyPump (60 mins.) + 1 mile walk/jog on the dreamill (12 mins.)
Wednesday: Core/squats/triceps (15 mins.) + Zumba (60 mins.)
Thursday: BodyPump (60 mins.) + 1 mile walk/jog on the dreadmill (12 mins.)

Do you see a pattern there?  On my cardio nights, I make sure there's a little strength/resistance, and on my BodyPump nights, I finish with a little cardio.  And yes, I always do the strength activity first because I read that people with diabetes should do activity in that order. Now, I don't have diabetes, but I do have polycystic ovarian syndrome which can have some insulin resistance and blood sugar issues.

I'm also working on improving my eating habits.  I want to eat more lean meats and vegetables and cut back on the carbs.  I'd call it clean eating, but there's no way I can give up everything that plan requires.  That said, there is plenty of room for improvement in my diet, and I'm working on them.

Whether it's my workouts or my meals, the biggest thing for me is planning.

I put my workouts in my planner and my phone calendar as appointments.  And these appointments cannot be cancelled unless there's an emergency.  I'm thinking about fining myself money for anytime I skip a scheduled workout.  Thoughts?

I also use my planner to schedule my meals for each week.  Breakfasts, lunches, and suppers.  This makes grocery shopping much easier and my weeks much less stressful.  I'm still working on perfecting this process, but I'll be posting about it soon.

What are your keys to staying on track?


  1. Mmm, carbs. That's what I gave up as of Jan 1st, it's not as hard as I thought but it does limit a lot of food choices. Way to go on all the exercising, you're doing so great. And fining yourself money is a good idea... and maybe depositing money in a jar or something when you DO the workout may help you reward yourself when you're done?

  2. I rearranged furniture by myself a couple weeks ago, completely alone. DEFINITELY counts as a workout!!

  3. It is extremely hard to eat 100% clean. Really. Anyone who does that I give huge props to. I'd like to say that I stick to a 90/10 rule--if 90% of my food is clean, I can afford to do that 10% of 'unclean' food. Or even an 80/20 is good. When I did the Advocare cleanse I stuck to a 90/10 rule and it helped a LOT. Even keeping that in mind when you're eating a single meal is helpful, I think. If you need some help or suggestions on eating cleaner, let me know and I'll be happy to send you info I've used to start eating better!

    Other than that, you are doing great on your workouts!! Keep it up!


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