Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feb. 14 doesn't have to be Singles Awareness Day (SAD)

I used to dread Valentine's Day more than a dentist appointment.  There were many Feb. 14s when I wore all black, declared it Singles Awareness Day, or just stayed home all day to avoid having to watch all the flowers come in that weren't for me.  There may have been a few when I cried because I thought having no sweetheart on that one day meant no one loved me and no one ever would.

I used to hate it when people tried to change my opinion of Valentine's Day, so I'll try not to do that in this space. I just want to say this -- changing my perspective chased all the dread and sadness.

A few years ago, I decided I'd had enough.  It was time to give up the bitterness and dread and embrace the day.  It's a day of love and while the commercialization of the holiday makes us believe it's only for couples -- it's not. It's for all kinds of love.

Since I had my change of heart (heh, how do you like that?), I have used the day to pamper myself -- manicures, special meals, watching my favorite movie, buying myself flowers, etc.  There's no reason I can't be my own valentine. I fully expect some people to find that pathetic, but I don't. Why can't I love on myself?  Seriously. - I am single on Valentine's Day because I have not yet met someone who can handle all of my awesome.

I will definitely be spoiling myself this Friday.  I'll make sure to come back Saturday and show you how I was the best valentine to myself ever.  And I'll try to be a good blogger and document it through photos, but ... don't hold me to that. 

Oh, and earlier in the week I spread the love beyond myself  by sending out some heartfelt cards in the mail.  Maybe they're not valentines, but they're my way of expressing my appreciation and affection for these special people in my life.

That, to me, is what Valentine's Day is all about.


  1. I love that! I still loved this day when I was single too. Its just a cutesy day and why not go along with sure isn't going away any time soon ;)

  2. I'm married and I still consider Vday a day for me! Planning on getting my hair done, and a mani pedi. and no the husband and I have nothing planned. Before I was married, I was ALL about Vday. Now? not so much. i like the idea of having a day to remind someone you love them, but I also prefer the idea of loving myself and being good to me, since I can often be my own worst critic.

  3. How fun! You should do this more often throughout the year. Everyone deserves to be pampered! Have a great day tomorrow and I'm excited to see how you celebrate!

  4. I love your outlook about Valentine's Day!! Even though I had a valentine this year, we didn't see much of each other, so I planned a mani/pedi for myself that night. And it rocked. And I think I might make that a tradition no matter what lol.


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