Thursday, March 27, 2014

A collection of fictional boyfriends

I've had a lifetime of experience in finding fictional boyfriends. They're much easier to deal with than the real thing, as far as I'm concerned.  Sure, they have their limitations -- I mean, I can't actually hold them, touch them, or kiss them.  But on the upside, they're always there.  All I have to do is open a book or turn on a DVD and bam! Instant love!

Here are a few of the fictional beaus I've crushed on over the years ...

Kevin Arnold
"The Wonder Years" (TV show)
Fred Savage has the honor of being my first celebrity crush, and it's really all because of "The Wonder Years."  I don't know what it was about him that I was drawn to back then.  I was pretty young, so I probably just thought he was cute.


Clay Forrester
"Separate Beds" (book by Lavyrle Spencer)
This is one of my all-time favorite romances.  I don't know how Catherine could resist Clay for so long. OK, so I understand her issues, but still. There's no way I could have.  Thank goodness I found a UK cover with a picture of Clay.  This is ALMOST how I pictured him. I loved that Clay never gave up on Catherine and he took pride in his family.


Emmett Cullen
"Twilight" series (books by Stephanie Meyer)
Forget Edward or Jacob, I'm all about Emmett.  He's playful and protective all at the same time.  He was a key part of an unconventional family unit, but you'd never know they weren't all a real family.  I was drawn to him even before I saw that Kellan Lutz was playing him.  That was just a bonus. Heh.


Matt Saracen
"Friday Night Lights" (TV show)
While most of my friends were drooling over Tim Riggins or Jason Street, I was all about Saracen (played by Zach Gilford).  I loved how he took care of his grandmother.  I loved how shy and awkward he was.  It was all part of his charm.


Matt Watkins
"Flat-Out Love" (book by Jessica Park)
I don't know if that image is exactly how I picture him, but it doesn't matter.  His looks aren't even the best part of him.  It's his geeky sense of humor, his love of his family, and the romantic streak that sneaks right up on you.  I adore him, and I'm so envious of Julie.


As I look back on this list, I can see there's a huge variety --  Outside of the fact that there are two guys named Matt, both of whom dated girls named Julie.

There is one common thread through all of them though.  Did you pick up on it?


They're all very family-oriented guys. 

Maybe I do have a "type" after all.

What fictional characters have stolen your heart?


  1. I love this post! I need to do one like this - so creative! Kevin was a good one!!!

  2. I LOVE Matt on Friday Night Lights- he was one of my favorites!! :) I have to say that Dean Winchester from Supernatural is my latest TV boyfriend- guess I like a little of the "bad boy". Lol.

    My best friend Zach used to look like Fred Savage when we were younger. :)

  3. Great post!

    The Emmett one made me laugh because I was all Edward and Jacob? No way! Team Charlie!


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