Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Short work week confessions

I only worked two days this week, so I don't feel like I can say this has been a long week.  Yep, I'm on PTO until next Tuesday. Well, I was supposed to be.  But I need to go into the office tomorrow for a few hours, and I ended up changing my full day on Monday to a half-day.  And I I won't be lounging by the pool or jetting off to party with friends during this time off.

I'm volunteering at the Des Moines Arts Festival.

I should probably add more exclamation points to that sentence. 

I really am excited.

This is my first year as part of the event management team, and it's a great event. I'm anxious to see how it works from behind the scenes.  That means some long days ahead for me.  Twelve hours today and eight hours each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Hopefully I'll find some time to relax somewhere in there.

For now, how about some confessions ....

Vodka and Soda

Hello there, Ian. Welcome to the Humpday festivities!


Sometimes I have dance parties at home by myself.
 (Also, I really wanted to use that Fred Hoiberg gif.)


I have read 36 books (from my goal of 45) so far this year and 11 of them were written by Melanie Shawn. I'm obsessed with the characters and communities they (it's a sister team of authors) create.  I totally want to move to Harper's Crossing.


I don't have a single free weekend until the end of August.


My original birthday plans fell through, but new ones are quickly falling into place.


I don't really understand soccer, but I've gotten caught up in the World Cup this year. 
Probably because I have a handful of friends who are REALLY into it.


Speaking of soccer, my cube neighbor has a soccer figurine on his desk and I have a baseball player.  Last week, I asked cube neighbor who he thought would win in a duel between our sports figures.  His response: "Well, your guy has a weapon -- a baseball. Plus, my guy is European, so he'd get hit and fall down and pretend it's way worse than it actually is."

Music and books are my two most common impulse buys. If Amazon and iTunes weren't so convenient, my bank account would be happier, but I would probably be sadder.


I've lost interest in my office eye candy, so going to work isn't nearly as much fun anymore.

What are your confessions?


  1. At home dance parties are a MUST!

  2. Scott keeps his info in Amazon, so when I want something, I use his computer and there it goes, onto the credit card. I never store numbers in my accounts because that makes it too easy to shop! I've been buying books too.

  3. Your gifs are fantastic for this post. I may or may not have saved some ;)

    The Arts fest sounds really great!!! Long weekend but still a great event. Hope you have fun!!

  4. Have fun volunteering! I'm sure that will be a cool experience and a nice break from work.

  5. Haha your last confession is so funny, work is always better when there's eye candy around! I love soccer but I think your neighbour is right the thing that annoys me most about the game is when players fall for absolutely no reason... I end up screaming at the TV "Get up, it's a man's game!!!" haha

  6. Great confessions. I hope you're having fun at the Arts Festival!

    I can totally relate to that last confession. It's such a bummer when the work crush is no more.


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