Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Love/Don't Love

I'm not ashamed to admit I stole this blog post idea. At least I'll give credit where credit is due.  I saw Holly do this last week and she snagged it from Christy.  I thought it was a spectacular way to share what's going on in my life -- especially when there isn't one theme to discuss. What can I say? My life is a little random.

I am picking up some extra hours at my part-time library job this fall.  I'll be working alternating Sundays.  It's only a few hours, so it's not a total sacrifice of my weekends and it's more money.  LOVE.

I don't even have half my music on my iPod and it's out of room. DON'T LOVE.

I have tickets to see "Phantom of the Opera" tomorrow night. It's the final show in the season ticket package I shared with a friend and I'm pretty stoked to see it. LOVE.

This week is ridiculously busy and I'm struggling to figure out when I'm going to get in my Wednesday/Thursday four-mile run. DON'T LOVE.

It's Hate Week in Iowa. Confused?  Basically, it's the week leading up to the big intrastate football battle between Iowa State and Iowa. Cyclone and Hawkeye fans spend all week exchanging insults. It's a fun rivalry and I'm looking forward to a potluck at work on Friday and watching the game with family and friends on Saturday. LOVE.

I have miraculously found some inner and emotional peace for the first time in months. It's hard to say what cured me, but I don't really care, honestly. I'm just glad to be where I am. LOVE.

One of my cats has some terrible mats on her back.  She's the one that won't let me pet her let alone brush her. I'm thinking a trip to a cat groomer or vet for a shave is in our future.  DON'T LOVE.

And here's a random quote for the week:


  1. These posts are great! Hate week sounds fun--that's how it is with Michigan and OSU...people go nuts, lol. And it's always the Saturday after Thanksgiving which is even crazier lol. Yay for inner peace :)

  2. I'm so glad you've found that inner peace. It almost doesn't matter what caused it as long as you've found it.

    And good luck to whichever team you're rooting for this weekend!

  3. That's a great quote! How was Phantom of the Opera? I've seen it before and loved it and have tickets to see it again next year. So good!


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