Friday, September 12, 2014

Runner to Runner: Tamara

As I close in on my first half-marathon, I decided to interview some fellow runners. I enjoy learning about other people's habits and I guess my reporter instincts aren't dead just yet.  For the next few weeks, you'll learn more about some of the ladies who inspire me to keep running.


We're starting with Tamara, who has a lovely blog entitled Lehmann Laughter.  She was also one of my co-stars in last week's blogger lip sync video.  I'm still just getting to know her, but so far she's been nothing but kind and encouraging.

How long have you been running?
I ran my first race in 2010 (on a whim with some co-workers) but didn’t actually catch the running bug until 2012.

How did you get started?
I had my daughter in November 2010 and while everyone always tells you – parenting just comes natural, it didn’t feel that way for me and through 2011 I really started hating myself. I wasn’t sure how to balance the mom parts of me with the non-mom parts of me and it was affecting everything around me, including my marriage.  I decided in an effort to lose the baby weight that I’d sign up for the same 5k I did in January 2010 with my co-workers in January 2012. It was a terrible experience but I was proud I stuck to it (since I didn’t train at all for it). I wanted to see what I was capable of if I actually tried, so I registered for another 5k in March 2012 – I ended up shaving 9 minutes off my time! I was hooked.

What is your favorite thing about running?
The confidence it gives me. I feel like I can do anything in every aspect of my life when I’m pounding the pavement.

Favorite race you’ve done?
My third half-marathon, The Bearathon, in Waco, TX. It was my goal race for about a year and everything was perfect, from the crowd support to the weather. For some reason, I decided to vlog my emotions at the end of it - I’m so glad I did because whenever I feel like I’m getting nowhere, I just go back and watch it to remind myself of how far I have come.

What is your proudest running achievement so far?
I’m really proud of myself for sticking to it for the past 2+ years (and hopefully for many more!) I’m typically one of those people that are really gung-ho in the beginning and then just fade off – but with running, that’s not the case at all. It’s also pretty awesome that my 3 year old immediately assumes I’m going for a run when she sees my tennis shoes.

What’s your preferred pre-run fuel?
Peanut butter toast and a glass of Spark (Advocare), if I’m covering a distance longer than a 10k sometimes I’ll add a banana to it.

What’s your favorite post-run treat?
I’ve found my stomach is pretty hardy so I’m down for anything after a run – steak, double meat hamburger, Chinese food, the free beer they sometimes offer after a race – it’s all game to me.

What do you carry with you during a run?
I always have my phone with me – just in case something happens but also because it has my music on it. If I’m running more than 6 miles I usually bring some kind of fuel with me – GU or ShotBloks – and I pack those in my SpiBelt. If I’m running outside, I always wear my Garmin watch. You can usually see me wearing my daughter’s name, Lillie Mae, on my favorite necklace too – she inspires me to be a better person and thinking of her helps push me when I’m ready to give up.

Describe your race day ritual.
- Hit snooze button at least twice. Roll out of bed and sleepily grab laid out clothes from the dresser and head to the restroom.
- Get dressed and apply waterproof mascara. I know it seems silly to put makeup on but it helps wake up my face & makes me feel ready to tackle the day.
- If my husband/daughter are going with me, I’ll usually wake them up after I’m dressed. If not, I sneak past my daughter’s room, so I don’t wake her, to the kitchen and make my PB toast and Spark.
- Put on my Garmin, grab my purse & keys and I’m out the door.
- Before the race I usually do a few deep breaths, say a quick prayer and jog in place a couple minutes to warm up. I may take a pre-race selfie for the ol’ social media if I have time – otherwise, I’m ready for that starting horn!

Any advice for me as I prepare for my first half-marathon?
You only get one first half-marathon, make the most of it – tell your friends & family, wave at people you don’t know, photo bomb, don’t be afraid to cry when you see that finish line - there’s no shame in being a badass, after all. 

What advice would you give new runners or those thinking about getting started? 
Find people who are passionate about running – whether that’s in your real life or online through blogging, Facebook, twitter, wherever – and let them be excited for you! Don’t be afraid to talk about your goals and what you want to do – put it out into existence by your words and then allow your actions to make them a reality. You got this. I promise.   


Last week in Micah's workouts
Friday: 5-mile trail run
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 8-mile trail run <--- This is the longest run I've ever completed. I'm pretty proud.
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 5 miles on the treadmill (Mother Nature decided to rain out running club)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off.

I was supposed to run four miles on Wednesday or Thursday, but I just couldn't fit it in. 



  1. Firstly, congrats on the 8m trail run! Beast!

    Secondly, I know Tam IRL (she worked at Baylor and we actually met in a Zumba class, then realized we both blogged) and she's quite possibly the most fun, kind, hilarious person in the whole wide world. Glad y'all are getting to build a bloggy friendship!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me - I am so honored you even thought to ask me :)

    And so, I know everything about me, blah blah but DUDE YOU RAN 8 MILES!!!! And on a trail?! Someone get this girl a card that says badass for life, stat! Proud of you girl, you're killing it!


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