Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm feeling random

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you can't really focus on any one thing?  Yeah, that's me this week.  It was me last week too.  I'm just struggling lately to keep my mind and attention on things.  That is not a good sign going into National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which starts Saturday. (I'll talk more about this tomorrow.)  Hopefully this "SQUIRREL!" phase passes soon.

Kathy at Vodka and Soda killed the confessions link-up, but I'm in a mood to release things on my mind, so you're getting them anyway.  Without Ian's face.  Sorry.

These are my confessions ...

I hate it when I see people texting while driving.
Mostly because I've almost been hit once or twice by someone texting.
Seriously, nothing can be that important.
Wait until you get to your destination ... or at least a stoplight.


I want a cat tower/scratching thing for my girls, but I am not cool with spending $75-$150.
I'm starting to wonder if I can make it cheaper. Off to Pinterest, I go!
Yep, I'm a total cat lady.

I just started reading "The Husband's Secret," and it has not been an easy story to get into.
But I'm going to power through it this week.
A book has to be really bad for me to quit it.


I was so excited to get back to Zumba last night, but I failed.
Midway through the day, I realized I'd forgotten to pack a sports bra.
I like to shake it, but not like that. (And, yes, I totally think I look like this gif when I Zumba).


There was a Halloween party at my library the other night.
We're doing a trick-or-treat thing at my day job on Friday.
I love it. Kids in costumes are always fun.


I'd like to say I wouldn't have staked out the locations if I'd known about it ahead of time.
But that would be a lie.


On that subject -- it's a well-known fact that I'm terrible at flirting.
And I've added some recent attempts to the "fail" pile.
Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing when I talk to a guy in whom I'm interested.


  1. My friend made her cat a scratching post with a board and thick rope from home depot. He loves that thing! She has tons of extra rope to replace the pieces he tears out. It's neat, and probably only cost a couple bucks.

  2. I don't care how cute kids in costumes are….I'm dreading Halloween. I don't know why we don't just cancel school. Also, I meant to thank you for the shout-out on Saturday. I read your post on my phone and forgot to comment :)
    Finally, I like Moriarity's other books (have you read any?) but haven't tried The Husband's Secret. Let me know!

  3. I have the desire to dress up for Halloween, but am totally lacking in the creativity department. So I'll just enjoy the pictures of my friends' kids on Facebook instead, I guess. We're really not expecting a lot of trick-or-treaters.

  4. I'm actually going with my friend to take her daughter trick or treating and I'm so excited to see all the kids in their costumes! And that's disappointing about The Husband's Secret; it's been on my to-read list for awhile and the description sounded so good.


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