Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekly round-up, Vol. 8

I don't know how I kept up with reading and posting blogs this week, but I did.  And you'll be glad for that if you check out the links I'm sharing this week.

We Love Dates is one of my favorite dating blogs, and this week's post about "Why It's Great That He's Just Not Into You" was perfect.  The dating world is so not fun and rejection is really hard.  This post reminded me of why rejection can be good in the long run.

Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit is back in this space with a short list of books that I'll be picking up soon.  I also really like her idea of a book club with self-help or self-improvement books. 

I'm so envious of people who successfully complete DIY projects.  So, here's Veronica at Passion, Pink, & Pearls with an awesome chair makeover.  Love it!

I know a few romantic partners who also work together, and I've always wondered how they don't get sick of each other.  Bonnie at The Life of Bon shared her experience of working in the same school as her husband, and I really like the way she explained their balance and schedule.

Finally, I'm sharing something a little closer to home.  Technically speaking, Cyclone Fanatic and Wide Right & Natty Lite are not in my reader, but I visit both spaces frequently.  They're teaming up for a great effort.  CF post is here. WRNL post is here. Long story short, the Iowa State University Athletic Director Jamie Pollard was slapped with a $25K fine this past week for publicly expressing frustration about officiating in some of the school's games.  Cyclone fans (and even a few Hawkeye fans) believe the fine is a little ridiculous, so they're showing their support by donating money -- not to the Big XII Commission -- to Blank Children's Hospital, where Pollard's child has spent significant time as he battles cancer.  The best part?  They're asking that when a donation is made, a "thank you" note will be sent to the Big XII Commission.  As of 5 p.m. Friday evening, $8 had been raised.

Since I'm wearing my librarian hat (or would it be a cardigan?) a lot this weekend, I thought I'd share this fun song parody.

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