Saturday, February 14, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 18

Happy Valentine's Day!  Are you celebrating?  I certainly am.  It's true, I'm single, but I have a whole Galentine's Day weekend going on.  You'll read more about that tomorrow.  For now, though, I have a few other posts for you to read from this past week.

The Frenemy made me laugh and get all teary with "To My Galentines."  Sending this out to all my best girls.  You know who you are. 

Love love love this post on anchor habits from Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit.  She doesn't post daily or even weekly, but every single one of her writings is on point.  She's a necessary kick in the butt on a regular basis.

Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars won the interwebs on Wednesday.  If Rap Lyrics Were Valentine's Cards?  Yes!!! Seriously, there are some gems in there for any couple with a good sense of humor (and everyone should have one).

I'm so thrilled Melanie is back to blogging at the Corner of Sass & Snark.  I think she chose the a great week to debut the new site, and this post about celebrating Valentine's Day as a single is perfect.  I may or may not be doing a few of those things this weekend.

Speaking of flying solo, Holly shared a story that is all too familiar to me -- people scoffing at doing things alone.  I regularly go to concerts, dinner, baseball games, and breweries by myself.  It's time for me.  And it's a good way to really enjoy where you are and what's going on without having to chat with someone.  This is why Holly and I are friends.

I am nowhere near getting married (and have accepted it might never happen), but I really enjoyed Go Girl Finance's post on how to save money on a wedding.  I've been a maid of honor in two weddings with very different budgets.  Each was beautiful and special, but the cost of it all can be very intimidating.  It's helpful to think of areas where costs can be cut.


  1. Ahhhhhh! Thank you so much! I was nervous to start again, and still am, but this just made my week! 😊


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