Thursday, March 26, 2015

Skills that skipped me

I have this image in my head of each person being created.  It's sort of like The Sims, where each individual is only allowed to have a few characteristics. It's been a while since I played (might fix that soon), but if I recall correctly, you can only give your Sim three characteristics from a list similar to the one below.


Look at that list?  How can you only assign a few?

I usually only choose the positive characteristics for my Sims. Unless I'm feeling like being destructive, then I'll make the person "dislikes children," "slob," and "neurotic."  Makes for some entertaining situations when they go out on the town.  The "never nude" and "technophobe" ones are fun too. Ha.

Anyhow ... sometimes I wonder how closely the game mimics the real human race. I mean, our creator could only give us a few strengths.  The rest ... well, you just have to learn to adapt.

Here are a list of the skills I did not receive during the assembly process:

:: Fashion sense and accessorizing.
I have no idea what looks good on me or how to put together a great outfit.  I have a few pieces that get comments (interestingly enough, they're both Goodwill finds), but on the whole, I wouldn't say I have a style.  I wear what's comfortable, and as long as it matches, I figure it's good.  And let's not even get started on scarves. I have no idea what to do with them.

::  Neatness.
I'm not gross.  I'm not unclean.  But I'm not the neatest person in the world.  I leave my mail on the kitchen counter for weeks sometimes, and very often my clean laundry isn't put away for days.  Oh, and I only make my bed when I change the sheets (once a week) or when I'm expecting company (which is not very often).

:: Flirting.
I have absolutely no idea how to show interest in someone I like.  None.  When I try to talk to them, I often have no idea what to say and end up feeling awkward and foolish. Honestly, I'm awkward enough in conversations with people (of both genders), so when you throw in the factor of attraction, I become a complete mess.

:: Grace.
I am so clumsy. I can trip over my own feet.  I broke a glass on my very first day at the brewery.  I have hit my head on cupboards in my apartment (where I've lived for two years, so I should know how low they are). Yesterday, I accidentally spilled an entire bottle of cranberry juice all over my desk and down the light grey cubicle walls. (By the way, it did wash out ... it just took 30 minutes of my day.)

There are plenty more things I'm bad at, but most of those can be learned.  I don't think any of the above can be taught.  You either have them or you don't.

What are some skills you're lacking?


  1. This is super interesting. I would say I lack grace, bookworm, and schmoozer. It's weird though, because when I was looking at the list I thought about how many skills I would say I am lacking, but that others would say I don't lack at all. I also wonder if lacking is a bad thing. Sometimes the areas where you lack make you awesome. My husband is a terrible planner and horrible procrastinator. Sometimes I hate it (I admit it). And I think most people see that as lacking, but it's also nice because that helps us/him be less rigid and you need that in life.

  2. I'm the same way with mail. And putting away clean clothes. I'm really good with keeping clean and dirty separated, but clean clothes only get put away like once every other week. Oh, ironing. I was created without the ability to care about ironing.

  3. I feel like every single one of these is me. Flirting on purpose? I just can't.

  4. Oh, I can totally relate to this post! Especially the neatness one. That skill completely bypassed me!

  5. I wonder how traits like "kleptomaniac" get on charts like this, seems a bit weird! I would say I'm lacking "natural cook" most certainly, I alternate between either gold or silver jewelry, but the same 3 pieces, and the clean laundry stays in baskets for days on end. Today I actually had to dump it on my bed just to find matching clean socks. Oops.

  6. Flirting yes. My idea of flirting is being super shy and laughing awkwardly. If I'm lucky I'll make eye contact. I'm always amazed at my friends who literally flirt with anyone. HOW?!?


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