Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 23

Tamara at Lehman Laughter overheard her daughter say, "my legs are sooo fat."  It's a good reminder that we should be kinder to ourselves, especially when there are little ears and eyes around catching everything.

By now, you can safely assume you'll find a post from Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit in this round-up every week.  Her recent post asks us to question everything.  This line, in particular, struck me -- "What if you were to stop accepting and living by other people’s truths?" Hmmm.

Whitney at The Observant Turtle responded to an element of another blogger's post about the kind of guys she'd never date by pointing out that gamers are not all smelly recluses. I like this because instead of being outraged and offended by the original poster, she provided a solid argument that showed another side. 

Rena has once again blown my mind with a post called "Do the Thing."  This girl is a writer through and through, so I should not be surprised that her blog posts are so good.  And I'm not really.  I just ... every post lately makes me stop and think.  And now she has me wanting to do some of the things she lists at the end of her post. DO THE THING!

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  1. I loved the gamer post. My husband plays almost every day. He's also a professional who usually works six days a week and provides for his family. There's no shame in his hobby! He plays video games, I watch movies. It's nice to have our own interests.


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