Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 24

My favorite brewery is celebrating its second birthday today, so while I'm off drinking delicious beers with fun friends this afternoon, you should read these great posts from the past week.

Gabrielle at Gabrielle Bogan is doing one of my favorite things -- celebrating great women. This week, she spotlighted a few females who are living "life by design."

Jess at Chaotic & Collected wrote about making a huge change in her life -- quitting her job.  She began to recognize that even though she was earning a paycheck, she was losing a part of herself.  Her checklist points at the bottom of the post are especially poignant.

Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars collected all the sports feels for the week.  I was vaguely aware of them from social media, but it was great seeing them all in one place.  Who says there's no crying in baseball, football, basketball, etc.? Oh, and she also had a hilariously spot-on write-up about the process for posting the perfect Instagram.

Erin at Two-Thirds Hazel talked about being a non-religious holiday lover. I could not agree more with her.  Especially this part -- "I'm pretty sure I can dunk a hard boiled egg into a cup of colored vinegar, make my boyfriend a 12 pack Beer Basket, and race Peeps down a creek in boats made out of recyclables (my family's oddball Easter tradition) without believing in God and still be just fine. I'm also pretty sure that this doesn't harm a single other person who participates in Lent and arrives bright and early to church in their Sunday best on Easter morning." (By the way, a Peeps boat race sounds amazing.)

Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats might just have the perfect solution(s) for curing chicken breast boredom.  So many recipes.  And I'm sure they're all delicious!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. It cracks me up how often you and I share at least one post in common!


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