Monday, April 13, 2015

Music Monday: John Mayer & Ed Sheeran

I'm a pretty big John Mayer fan (I've seen him live 12 times), but I failed when I missed his guest hosting stint on "The Late Late Show."  It also means I missed this gem.

Oh my goodness.

(P.S. I cannot wait to hear "Don't" live this summer.)

Oh, and as a bonus, here's "Thinking Out Loud" with both of them. 


I'm a fan of this musical bromance.


  1. Every single post of yours I get more excited I found you! These two men are two of my absolute FAVORITES. I just got another round of Ed tickets this morning :) But oh man when John Mayer guest hosted he was hilarious, but the Ed episode was my favorite. Them giving each other surprise tattoos was too funny. Plus their voices just mesh wonderfully. Can they tour together? I'd be down for that.

  2. I'm not a big John Mayer fan, but I loved these performances! I love "Don't" too, but hate that it's about my crush, Niall. Hahaha! Ed Sheeran puts on an amazing show. I want to see him again!


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