Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Some humpday confessions

I miss the old confessions link-up.  Thank goodness I found another one because sometimes ... you just have to confess things.

Making Melissa

I confess ...

... I get irrationally ragey at drivers who don't turn their lights on when it's dusk and/or raining. I know you can see just fine but your lights help other drivers see you.

... I had two moments in my work yesterday where I just wanted to scream, "DO YOUR JOB!" It was a really frustrating day, and neither complication was my fault.  Ugh.

... I change the station whenever Hozier or Sam Smith comes on the radio. I know they appeal to a lot of people, but ... I'm not one of them.

... I have not done a lot of reading so far this month. My lunch hours and evenings have been busy. And since the Rangers started their season in Oakland, baseball has been keeping me company before bed this week.

... I cannot stop buying Kindle books. OK, most of them are $1.99 or less, but still ... there are 40 unread on my Kindle. I need to stop buying and start reading.

... I'm currently infatuated with Miles Teller. In the past few weeks, I've watched the "Footloose" remake, "Whiplash," and "The Spectacular Now."  "Divergent" might be happening this weekend. All for him.  I'm not sure where the sudden fascination came from, but who cares?  By the way, "Whiplash" is incredible ... intense, but incredible.

What are your confessions this week?


  1. Do you work in my office? I go crazy when people don't do the jobs they are suppose to. I also work with a few people who love to pass their work to others. Makes me crazy.

  2. I don't even know what Sam Smith sings. I recognize the name/face from online articles but I don't have a radio or television so I've never heard him!

  3. I can't stand Sam Smith, I think he sounds like a whiny teenage boy. And Hozier has been ridiculously overplayed.
    I've had work rage all week for the same reasons!

  4. I'm strongly considering watching the 2nd Divergent movie (which I know has a name that isn't Divergent, but I can't remember if it's Insurgent or Allegience or whatever 1 word name the books have because that's trendy now, sorry soapbox) JUST for Theo James who is DELICIOUS.

  5. We watched The Two Night Stand and it was seriously adorable. I recommend it if you like Miles Teller!

    Also, I will watch Insurgent just for Theo James. I did like Divergent (the movie, not the book) and I was surprised.

  6. DITTO on the Sam Smith! Beautiful voice, but just doesn't appeal to me.

  7. Oh, I want to see Whiplash. Miles Teller was also in Rabbit Hole. That was so sad, and he gives a heartbreaking performance. I think it was overlooked a couple of years ago for acting performances because the subject matter is just so painful.

  8. I have wanted to shout that same thing at my job a time or two ha ha! It is amazing how little work some people are able to accomplish.

  9. I love Miles Teller! I went on a binge of his movies this summer. I still need to see Whiplash, maybe this weekend!

  10. I totally agree about Sam Smith! He is so whiny and depressing! I don't get the appeal. I don't like Take Me To Church, but some other Hozier songs are ok. I buy cheap Kindle books too and have so many saved up to read. But the books from the library just keep coming! Haha! I love Miles Teller so much! Whiplash was my favorite movie of 2014. So intense. Check out Two Night Stand. He's adorable in it.

  11. OH MY GOSH WE ARE THE SAME DRIVER!!!! I hate when people don't have their lights on when it's raining/snowing or getting dark!! UGH!!!


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