Thursday, May 7, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure (link-up) - April recap

Life According to Steph

The theme for April is FINANCES, and these were my goals:

- Map out my spending for the month and stick to it. No splurge purchases. - FAIL
I bought two Kindle books, two maxi skirts, and a few other things I can't think of right now.  Obviously, they weren't that important. Heh.

- Go out to eat just once a week. - FAIL
I think I went out an average of twice a week.  And, yes, I count takeout as going out.

I really wanted to do well this month because I would like to be better with my money.  But I just couldn't get it together in April.  Sometimes I deal with work and life stress by buying things.  And even though I made a lot of my lunches, I still went out more than once a week.


Oh well.  The month is over.  So I'm moving on.


The theme for May is READ.  Now here's one I can get behind, and it shouldn't be too difficult considering my reading goals for the year.

These are my goals:

- Finish five books for the month -- that includes the three categories for my yearly goal and my two book club books.

- Edit one of my writing works-in-progress.  (That involves reading, so it counts, right?)

- Assess the blogs in my reader and determine if there are some I can unfollow.

Check back in June for how I did. This is the last month of these link-ups.


  1. Sometimes, getting a handle on your finances is just realizing what you spend money on, so at least you kept track of that! There's always a new month ahead. Good idea to assess blog reading and see which ones to unsubscribe to!

  2. Splurge purchases were my downfall in April too, and I can't remember what they were either. Fail. Here's to May being better! I know you'll rock this month.

  3. It's always a goal of mine not to eat out more than once a week, but I usually fail at that too. Some nights, I just do NOT want to stand at the stove. So, I pick up food. And then the weekends are just as bad... Oh well. It happens. Good luck with the reading goals this month! I really need to get back in the swing of reading...

  4. Seeing WHY I spent my money was important to me back when I started doing spending freezes. I can also be a stress spender.

  5. I count take-out as going out too. I average less than once a week on that front but I buy a lot of Starbucks.


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