Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 29

I have another busy Saturday on tap.  I work at both of my part-time jobs today, putting in a combined 10.5 hours.  So I'm going to make this quick so I can be lazy the rest of the morning.

I'm guilty of not taking many chances, afraid of the outcome, so I felt like Steph at Life According to Steph was speaking directly to me. She wrote about The Other Side of Fear, which is too often ignored or at least blocked by the overwhelming emotion of fear.

Holly at My Own Kind of Beautiful wrote about why she's a bad runner. I don't actually think she's a bad runner. Far from it, actually.  Just a different kind of runner.  And I related to everything she listed, so I'm the same as her.

Kristin at Kristin's kNook shared how she drinks 100 oz. of water each day.  It's really not that difficult the way she maps it out.

So, the other day I wrote about how I'm kind of Type A when it comes to fun.  I'm actually very much a planner, but after reading Gabrielle's post about how planning kills dreams, maybe I should work on that.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. I can't imagine getting in 100oz of water per day. I'm definitely off to read that post!


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