Saturday, May 9, 2015

Weekly Reads, Vol. 30

I went to bed around ten last night.  I read for a little bit but was definitely asleep by eleven.  And I slept straight through to nine this morning.  NINE.  That's unreal.  And unheard of for me.  I think I was a little tired.  Ha.

Today, I work at the brewery, and then I'm headed north to spend some time with the family.  It's one of the least busy Saturdays I've had in a while and will have for a few more weeks.  Next Saturday is going to be a cluster, and if I survive it, I should get a medal.

Anyhow ... onto this week's posts.

Kimiko at Slice of Heaven says she wants to be described as authentic above everything else.  It really got me thinking about what one word I would want to describe me.  I think some people would call me kind and loyal, but ... should I aim for something more all-encompassing?

Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars is wondering where all the mediums are Not psychics, but medium-sized girls.  And her description made me feel like finally I'd found a label for myself.  I've always thought I was a "bigger" or "curvy" girl, but "medium" might be a better fit.

Earlier in the week, Sarah also bravely shared the story about when she hit a low point I think too often we bloggers only show the shiny, glitzy parts of our lives.  It's refreshing to see someone talk about when like isn't perfect and how they powered through.  And I could relate to Sarah's story.  I hit that point when I moved to Texas right out of college.  I felt like I had no friends, and I wondered if I'd made a huge mistake. I eventually found my community, but it wasn't easy.  There were lots of tear-filled nights.

Kelly at Knowing Kelly talked about how much of our identity can be wrapped up in our appearanceI've definitely been feeling this lately as I consider cutting my hair, which is one of my most complimented-on features.  I'm not afraid to say I like compliments, and I'm wondering if I'll ever receive them again if I chop off my long curls.

Taylor at The Daily Tay made a list of the things you know if you're from a small town It was good for a laugh and lots of nods. I grew up in a town of 100 people, so my town was even smaller than Taylor's, but I could definitely relate.

Nadine at East & shared a list of celebrities who go by a stage name.  Several of them were surprising to me.  What would your stage name be?

Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit talked about a moment when she wasn't excited about running It made me feel so much better about the times I lose excitement in one of my interests or goals.  It doesn't mean the goal or interest is any less important to me.  The low feeling will pass.

Juliette from The Other Juliette shared some strategies for avoiding TV spoilers on social media.  I think her suggestion at the end is the best part though.

Happy Saturday!

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