Friday, July 17, 2015

Too much time off was not a good idea

Note to self: Never lapse on workouts again.

Getting back into regular and tough workouts is hard!  I'm still working on finding a routine that fits into my schedule, is challenging, and still allows room for the workouts I love (read: Fit Fusion).  That's not easy with everything I'm juggling.

But I know I need to. I am so out of shape.  A year ago, I was starting to train for a half-marathon.  And while running isn't really a problem for me, I know that it's not enough to get me to my fitness goals.

I've been enjoying the few lunch hour walk/jogs I've done.  They help me get my steps in, for sure.  And it's a nice break from my computer. On Tuesday, I got two miles in and somehow I still had time to rinse the sweat off, grab a salad in the cafeteria, and get back to my desk in the allotted time.

BureauFit kicks my butt every week.  It's also revealed what I already knew -- my legs are ridiculously strong, but everything else needs help.  Last night, we did the Dirty Dozen workout, which was 12 each of jump squats, air jacks, lunges, squats, stand up lie downs, v-sit crunches, cobra-to-planks, tuck jumps, push-ups, and a few other moves I'm forgetting at the moment.  And then a 1200 meter run.  The goal is to get through all of that as fast as you can.  It was so hard. But it feels so good when I'm finished.  Plus, everyone I've worked out with so far has been super friendly and encouraging.  That will definitely go a long way.

I've been thinking that the best way to keep me motivated is to have some kind of challenge, so I'm currently brainstorming one for August.  Any ideas?


Last week's workouts
Friday: Off
Saturday:  Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: Yoga at home

Tuesday: 2-mile jog/walk during lunch  + 1-mile jog after work + arms 
Wednesday: 2.5-mile walk during lunch
Thursday: BureauFit


  1. I'm always so impressed with people who get so much done on their lunch break - and you're one of those! Good luck with your August challenge :)

  2. Seconding Claire there: I can't do anything on my lunch break or even before work. The time-crunch is too stressful.
    Maybe have a paper calendar for each month. This is what I do and I highlight the days I complete. To me, a list-maker, it's very motivating to have that tangible proof.

  3. I can't do anything on lunch so good on ya!!!
    Honestly, the only way I find time is immediately after work - before I get a chance to sit down on the couch lol.
    However my evenings have been super busy the last few weeks and I haven't quite had that "me" time. So I'm completely slacking too!

  4. I've been having a hard time getting back into it myself. I'm building back up to my pre-vacation. I lucked out with three not blazing hot days here this week so I walked on lunch!


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