Monday, September 21, 2015

Music Monday: Rachel Platten - "Lone Ranger"

As someone who completely sucks at dating and guys, this song really speaks to me.  I've tried multiple avenues for finding a relationship but have never been successful.  I've become more than a little frustrated and disillusioned, and I often wonder if it's even worth it or if I should just remain a "lone ranger."

Regardless, I am very excited to see Miss Platten live again at the end of this month. Last time I saw her, she only had one album, and now she has more material and some major radio success. It should be a blast.


  1. I'm really liking Rachel Platten and I'm glad to finally be hearing some more of her music. For way too long, all I've known is Fight Song, which I still like, but which gets way overplayed on the radio.

  2. It will happen at just the right time with just the perfect person and then it'll all make sense why no one else ever worked out.

  3. I had heard of Fight Song before...but didn't know who sang it. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist!

    I know the right guy is out there... He's probably hanging with my Mr. Right somewhere.


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