Wednesday, October 7, 2015

If I were famous, I'd probably be Taylor Swift

I've often thought about -- or rather dreamed about -- what it would be like to be famous. How great would it feel to be a household name and have all the benefits that come along with it? I can just imagine the money, parties, working with other famous people, etc.

Of course, there is a downside to all of this. I don't think I would enjoy having people know all my business ... or just think they do.  And while I would enjoy public celebrations of my success, I don't think I'd care much for a spotlight on my failures and mistakes.

If I was famous, however, I think I would be a lot like Taylor Swift. Here's why ...

She's generous, always giving money to people and causes in need. 
I try to give as often as I can when funds allow.


She's an unabashed cat lady.

Have you seen my Instagram feed?
It's 50 percent cats, and the rest is books, beer, quotes, and selfies.

She always looks like she's having a blast.
From her Instagram posts to dancing at awards shows, she is loving life.  
Apparently, this is similar to how a lot of people view me via my social media posts.
Fortunately, there don't appear to be any gifs of me dancing out there.


She knows the importance of having a tight circle of friends.
I adore all the people featured in her "Bad Blood" video.
They truly seem to be her tribe. 
I randomly put my friends in the books I write. Same thing, right?


She is a bit boycrazy.  Check out her dating resume.  I mean, she briefly dated my all-time favorite, Jake Gyllenhaal, so clearly she has pretty good taste.  
I haven't dated nearly as much, but if I had gotten every guy I'd ever liked, my list would be long. 


Many of her songs are about someone who broke her heart.
That's not unusual (most songwriters do this), but she catches a lot of flak for it.
I have written a lot of poetry in this theme, but mine earned me laughs and ridicule not money.
I still have a lot of my poems in a book somewhere. Maybe I'll share them someday.


Clearly, Taylor Swift is my spirit animal.

And did I mention that I'm seeing her tomorrow night?

I splurged a bit on a solo ticket and while it's in the third level, I know it'll still be fun. I cannot wait to do my best Taylor dance impression.

P.S.  When she performs "Shake It Off," I will absolutely be thinking of my blogger co-stars from our TSwift lip sync video.

What celebrity do you relate to?


  1. She's definitely a good one to relate to! I don't follow celebrities too much so I can't pick, but I think if there was anyone that I was intrigued by, it would be her!

  2. I didn't realize all of those relationships were so short-lived! How funny.

    I like T Swift. She seems like an awesome girl. I definitely don't know who I would relate to most. I mean, I guess I could say Jennifer Lawrence because I trip a lot and usually in very public places? ;-)


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