Monday, October 12, 2015

Music Monday: Stephen Kellogg - "Last Man Standing"

There's been so much good new music lately. My bank account can hardly keep up.  This guy is one of my auto-purchases. Every time.  He's an amazing lyricist and storyteller. His music always resonates with me, and it seems like he has songs that hit me in different stages in life. That, my friends, is a gift. I am so looking forward to his forthcoming album, South West North East, which I naturally pre-ordered.  In the meantime, this single will suffice.

Even in the dark times 
Gonna count the blessings 
Celebrate the wins 

Yep. Good words to live by right there.


  1. I forgot I had Stephen Kellogg's new album pre-ordered. Thanks for that reminder and making my Monday happy again! Yay for future music!


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